OsCommerce Cooliris Piclens Rss

OsCommerce Cooliris Piclens Rss

Cooliris Piclens for OsCommerce

Generate automatically Media Rss for Cooliris Piclens from Products. This addon is Full Version, Install Guide included. 

Add Cooliris Piclens Rss Feed for Oscommerce. Generate XML file in Media Rss format for each Language in Your Oscommerce Online Shop and load feed from this file. Improved Performance, working great with over 200-250 products in Cooliris Rss.

Options in Piclens Rss:

  • Cache time
  • Encoding
  • Number of products in Rss

Price 7 USD, PayPal and Epay.BG Payment.

OsCommerce Piclens Rss Guide in our Support Forum 

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