Post by Email (Old Version)

Post by Email (Old Version)

Post by Email for Joomla (old version)

This version is for Joomla 1.5 only! Pro Version for Joomla 3.xx/2.5/1.5 is here: Post by Email Pro.

Advantages of Pro version of Post by Email are:

Pro version support K2, SSL encryption and attachments, can reply automatically to right topic in Kunena , support Joomla 1.7 and 1.6, have duplicate content protection and can work with different type of email parsers.

Post by Email for Joomla 1.5

Latest non-pro version is 1.3.5 - released on 20.07.2011. Post by Email V.1.3.5 can post on User Walls in JomSocial, in Kunena and Agora Forum and can post in selected by id topic in Kunena. In package are two versions of component - with and without readmore in imported from email content. With first you can have readmore tag and all content is imported in fulltext. With version two all content is imported in introtext, no fulltext.

Post by Email automatically post in any joomla website.

We develop this componet to work with our Wordpress Aggregator - to make possible that one joomla website grab content over rss feed and post content automatically in many other joomla sites.

Post by Email for Joomla retrieves all your emails from a mailbox and automatically place them as content in Joomla! Post by Email allows sending content to your Joomla content via email or cellphone. Extension does not support encryption.

Component can work with many configured email addresses.

Requirements of Post by email

  • MBString PHP extension: must be installed, enabled and properly configured.
  • Joomla 1.5 over 1.5.10
  • Php 5

Post by Email features (every option is individual for every email box):

  • Where to put content: In Joomla content, on JomSocial Walls, in Kunena or in Agora forum.
  • If post in forum, in which forum email will be posted.
  • NEW option in v.1.2. Component can post in selected by id topic in Kunena forum
  • If is checked to post in JomSocial, on wall of which user content will be posted.
  • Associate email address with a specific section and category
  • In which content section email will be published
  • In which content category email will be published
  • Title of the content corresponds with subject line in email
  • Set users with specific email addresses
  • Specify specific Joomla section or category based on receiving email address or based on sending email address
  • Default author alias of content
  • Publish content automatically or not
  • Publish content on Frontpage or not
  • Cronjobs to automate import in content process
  • Option to delete processed email (after insert in joomla content)
  • Default language of component is English, if language file is added Translation appeared in admin panel.
  • Detailed description of Post by Email in our support forum

Demo Site with backend access (database of demo is nulled every 30 minutes)

  • //
  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo123
Price: FREE.

Post by Email for Joomla

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