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Seo оптимизация

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SEO optimization for Google (Search Engine optimization) and search Engine marketing ( SEM ) in Bulgaria. This page for seo optimization and internet marketing answers the following SEO questions:

  • What is SEO optimization?
  • Who are we to teach you about Seo? What is Web Design Seo?
  • What more about SEO in Bulgaria and in Sofia?
  • Who are the best SEO companies in Bulgaria?
  • Why do site optimization for search engines?
  • Why would I want to qualify on the first page of Google?
  • Free Guide to SEO optimization for beginners
This page is about SEO, smm and sem services in Bulgaria and this page is in Bulgarian language. Here IS English version of this page: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and here IS Info About Seo services in Bulgaria from WebDesign Seo - 3D Web Design.

What is SEO optimization

SEO is an acronym that comes from the English language - Search Engine Optimization or Seo Optimization. Use and Search Engines Optimization - in Bulgarian language translate SEO . The term "SEO" can also mean "search engine optimizers" or seo optimizers - these are people who perform the actual search engine optimization.

Such terms are commonly used are SEM = search Engine marketing - marketing for search engines and SMM = Social Media marketing - marketing to social networks. Examples of SMM services are advertising for facebook or twitter marketing and SEM is an example of such PPC service of Google - Google Adwords. What is the difference between SEA and sem can find here: Seo optimization for Pay per Click . Seo оптимизация от Уеб Дизайн Seo

Who are we to teach you of SEO services?

3D Web Design is a web design and seo company from Bulgaria which has so far ranked more than 200 Web sites in Google. Over 200 are only campaigns we have conducted optimization google for our clients for searches of one keyword. This means that more difficult keywords that are ranked on the first page of Google are currently over Eighty. All these keywords are very difficult to rank high in Google. The number of srednokonkurentnite and low competitive keywords that are qualified for our customers is enormous.

You can easily check what we, what SEOs are and what we do for our clients in the process of optimizing their websites: Seo portfolio of Web Design Seo. And here you can see how it is seo optimized website of 3D Web design.

Who is Web Design Seo (WebDesign Seo)?

Web Design Seo ("Web Seo" or "WebDesign Seo" in English-language sites ) are nickname (nicknames) of Eduard Dimitrov - CEO and team manager of 3D Web Design - SEO Optimization professional with practice of more than six years. He is the man who runs the team performing SEO services. Edward Dimitrov on facebook.

Why would I want to qualify in Google?

Is it clear why you should optimize your site - from well ranked websites to earn money! 90% of visitors visit one of the first ten results returned by search engine, won first place usually about 40% of visits, the first five receive approximately 70% in Serp clicks on Google.

Three images showing clearly what, where and how many clicks users according to Google and other reputable web sites:

SEO оптимизация за Google На първо място в Google SEO оптимизация и Google Seo оптимизация на сайт

SEO site optimization - Optimizing sites for search engines

Many of you have heard of methods and techniques used for high ranking websites in search engines, especially for first page ranking on Google.

What 3D offers Web design: Complex optimization services that increase site visits to your site and increase your sales and profits on the site at times.

Some of these services to optimize the site are: Seo and search engine optimization, search engine registration, registration in directories , registration What should the consumer?

Types Seo Search Engine Optimization

According to place of work on Seo Optimization seo-site it is divided into two types: Onpeydzh optimization and website optimization ofpeydzh site (online and off).

Advantages of On Page optimization are that the site achieves a guaranteed outcome, thereby quickly and cheaply. Disadvantages of Off Page optimization are that the results came slowly, expensive and dangerous to be performed by nonprofessionals.

On Page Seo SEO - OnPage (within site)

Internal site optimization is usually optimize the structure, text, and url addresses html code on the website so that his every page to be positioned as high as possible in the search engines naturally.

If taken alone OnPage Seo appropriate areas and niches for low to medium competition. Note that this service does not include link building, which is the most expensive part of the optimization; therefore very low prices.

Of course, low prices are not available for areas with high competition as forex, real estate, recreation, tourism, design, hosting, money and much more. There can not achieve good results only in this way and should be administered in combination with optimization:

Off Page Seo search engine optimization, OffPage

OffPage Seo means that optimizing the site outside of your work on other sites. This type Seo optimization kit with proper OnPage Seo optimization gives even higher score, but is more expensive.

Link building in large-scale publication of articles, press releases, blog posts and positions in social networks and other ways to promote your site by taking out his first in Google. We can give you excellent prices for this last part of seo optimization.

3D Web Design offers link building over thousands of Bulgarian site. This is very suitable for areas with high competition as cash, real estate, recreation, tourism, foreign exchange, banks, loans, hosting services, and other furniture. 3D Web Design offers link building in more than 2,000 English-language site - this is the right service if want to qualify your site for key words in Latin. From this need and sites that have content only in Bulgarian.

More types of SEO:

According to the ways of achieving results by type of site optimization Seo optimization is divided into three types: Gray Hat SEO , Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO . The difference is whether the methods authorized by the search engines and Google. With Black hat methods are marked prohibited by Gray hat - half forbidden and White hat techniques are allowed.

Other types in Seo optimization for Google:

Why not choose seo firm by one person?

To optimize your site and rank it on Google need a combination of several things: programming and website development, design, copywriting (writing texts on the site and other sites), internal seo optimization link building. Optimizers working alone can not make even half of it all yourself! They simply use the services of other companies, firms and you just loaded with higher prices. Thus, ordering questionable services firm, rather than spring.

Why our company has many clients Seo Optimization? Why choose 3D Web Design?

In Bulgaria there are many web design companies that can develop your website. In Bulgaria there are many companies on Seo Optimization Services that you can rank on Google. In Bulgaria there are web development companies that can make functionality for your website to order. Why, why .... the answer is so simple:

Only our Seo Company offers a unique combination of all these items!
  • Huge experience in web sites (5 years, over 500 web site)
  • The campaign will be planned and managed by one of the three best seo optimizers in Bulgaria
  • Vast experience in seo optimization (4 years, over 150 optimized and classified website - SEO portfolio )
  • Affordable prices. If our prices were lower for the result you get would not have all these 150 clients in its portfolio seo top. Another company in Bulgaria with such Seo portfolio is simply no.
  • And finally: Money Back guarantee optimization for Google and ranking in Google.
  • We are one of the largest developers in Bulgaria developers with programming features customized web sites. We sell them not only in Bulgaria and worldwide over three years. Why this is important: In many cases, your site could not be classified in the trio of Google without programming specific to your web site functionality.

More questions? How to order SEO Optimization for Google?

Make a request for a quotation to optimize site now or call the phone number 0898/615736 for an appointment.