3D Web Design Team

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3D Web Design Team

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Our webdesign, seo and web development company consists of five professionals and is based in Bulgaria, Sofia. Here is a short presentation of every 3D Web Design team member.

3D Web Design video presentation in YouTube:

Eduard Dimitrov

Owner: Eduard Dimitrov is CEO and SEO expert of 3D Web Design. .

Eduard is one of the top seo experts in Bulgaria. He has over eight years experience in SEO services. During this time he has over 2250 Bulgarian and over 3220 English websites optimized (3D Web Design is selling seo services done under our supervision - to foreign customers).

Eduard Dimitrov is speaker and one of event organizers of Joomla! Day events in Bulgaria (joomladay.bg), lector on SEO conference 2015, lector of SEO lections on Joomla Day, lector of SEO course of Telerik Academy and Software University Softuni, lector of paid SEO courses of It Academy (see certificates bottom). He is the manager behind over twenty web based seo tools and over 250 Joomla extensions and several WordPress plugins, Oscommerce, Zen Cart and other CMS addons.

Pavel Kukov

Pavel is the lead PHP/MySql/Javascript/Ajax programmer in 3D Web Design. He is a proffesional programmer for over five years. He is using C++ and C# as well. He has a soft spot on jQuery and SOA architectures.

Ivan Stamenoff

Ivan Stamenoff is php developer of 3D WebDesign. He has over seven years proffesional programming experience. Ivan has developed over 150 extensions for popular CMS systems as well as several seo tools. Besides PHP, he uses C, Javascript, MySql, etc. He loves to do IPSC shooting. Favourite type of programming: the high quality one.

Anton Chochev

Anton is the 3D Web Design's web designer. He has specialized in graphic design and webdesign from over seven years. He does everything which has something to do with design and drawing. Favourite activity: making the ugly old websites looking shiny new and beautifull.

Vesela Uzunova

Vesela is copywriter and SEO specialist in 3D Web Design. Vesela write proffesional texts for internet marketing campaigns, plan SEO campaigns and makes content optimization of clients websites.

Paulina Dimitrova

Paulina is professional copywriter and SEO (link building) specialist in 3D WebDesign.

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