Who is Seo Optimizer, what is Seo Expert, who are Seos?

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What is Seo Expert (Seo Optimizer)?

Seo Expert or Seo optimizer (seo optimizator or seo specialist) is called a person who performs the most general optimization of the website. The objectives of the Seo Experts can be brought to visits the website of the client, to promote it or to rank in search engines and google.

Who are Seo Experts (Seo's)?

Seo Experts (Seo's) are people who carry themselves seo services. Seo good SEOs are not necessarily the people who are ranked site in Google Seo Optimization of expression or the like. Most of them did it simply by writing many articles on Seo and a larger amount paid links pointing to their site, which helps google and other search engines to rank higher for that phrase.

Who is the best Seo Expert in Bulgaria?

3D Web Design's seo team with leader Eduard Dimitrov have accomplished over 28400 orders for link building ordered from our seo services page.

Eduard Dimitrov, 3D Web Design Seo Eduard Dimitrov - SEO and CEO of 3D Web Design. Eduard Dimitrov is one from top seo experts in Bulgaria.

Have over eight years experience in SEO. Work only this, min. 6 hours daily. Have over 6 millions posts in English websites for seo campaigns made for clients. Have ranked in Google.bg over 410 Bulgarian websites for over 600 one word competitive Bulgarian keywords. Have ranked in Google.com over 220 English websites for over 300 competitive English keywords. And all of this without using any paid link, only with free links and posting in public websites.

Who are others good Seo Experts in Bulgaria?

Proven Seo Optimization experts in Bulgaria are known from all people in marketing industry. I recommend you strongly Seo colleagues who organized the Bulgarian seo conference, although there are definitely some others Seo specialists.

Who is the best "Seo Expert"?

Good Seo Optimizer is the one achieved with minimum effort and money achieved goal. Good Seo Optimizers will give you the best price guarantee and optimization performed. Good Seo Optimizer has an impressive portfolio and a large number of classified websites in search engines. The best Seo Optimizers will give you a guarantee for the optimization of your site, but keep in mind that if it is accompanied with a contract price will be much higher - no one risks being enslaved.

Good Seo optimizer normally ranked site in search engines for a large number of expressions and his site is well detectable in the search engines for all other similar phrases and keywords related to its activities. Proof: For what is expressed rated Web site for 3D design. For best Seo Optimizer have transparency and know what the money goes. Not every one of the best SEOs will tell you everything about the process of optimizing your site - just some well-kept secret, but each has its secrets optimizers. It is not permissible, however, tells you nothing and keep everything in secret after you've paid seo services.

How to recognize the bad Seo?

Bad Seo Expert normally ranked site for only one or two keywords and his website is not well detectable for similar phrases and keywords related to its activities. Bad Seo optimizer usually gives very high prices - this is because its services are ineffective or outdated methods used for optimization which are very labor intensive. Bad Seo Optimizer makes no guarantee of optimization done on the site. Says something like: This would have to qualify, but not give a guarantee.

At worst SEO there is no transparency and do not know what goes even one penny of your money. The bigger mystery is, the more money they try to steal you. Bad Seo Optimizer not impressive portfolio and a large number of classified websites in search engines. Or until he is qualified only a few sites or classified sites have low competitive keywords. Which word is highly competitive and any lower?

Run a Google search and see results. Says: Results 1 - 10 of about 1,350,000 for "Seo Optimization" (average competitive). Or highly competitive: Results 1 - 10 of about 829 million for "design". Beware most of Seo's who I know, have made false SEO portfolio. They claim to have optimized this or that website, but nobody can prove it. Bad Seo Optimizer does not like this article and spit on it where he remembered. Why do you - because it delivers to its customers learn the truth.

And remember: The best Seo optimizer is your SEO! This is a man who has spent your site to top positions in search engines and visitors and thus brought the money to you. Be thankful! ... And do not be angry with some of us who refuse to optimize your site - seo optimizer will decide whether or not it accepts the task.

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