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Cheap Joomla websites design and Joomla web development, web design, Seo, extensions for Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS


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Welcome to the website of 3D Web Design! 3D WebDesign is Seo and web design company from Bulgaria based in Sofia, reputable web developer of extensions for websites for popular CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Zen Cart, and OsCommerce and is one from top SEO agencies in Bulgaria. We offer custom PHP development and link building in over a thousand quality English language websites and in about 1200 Bulgarian sites.

History of 3D Web Design

"3D Web Design" is created in the 2006 Year. The company started with web design and Seo optimization services and building of web designs of e-commerce websites - SEO friendly dynamic sites and shopping carts.

SEO services from 3D WebDesign

3DWebDesign started to offer public SEO optimization services in the 2008 year and we have managed and rank in top ten in Google within six years above Three Hundred Bulgarian websites for above Three Hundred Fifty one-word high traffic keywords on Bulgarian language and about ninety English high traffic keywords.

If you want, you can order online one of our quality SEO services.

Joomla websites design and web design services from 3D WebDesign

3D WebDesign team offering web design services for Joomla! websites, Wordpress blogs, and Opencart online stores. Now we have created over 1200 dynamic websites and online stores, some of which are with custom made solutions and custom made functionalities - extensions, plugins, and modules.

3D Web Design Joomla development and web site development:

Joomla development from Joomla! developers - 3D Web Design web development of Joomla! extensions

We start to develop extensions for different CMS in the 2007 year for our customers with a team of two developers. We start selling online these extensions from the 2008 Year. Developed by 3D Web Design now are over 70 extensions for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.xx (plus about 40 as outsourcing), over 100 extensions for Joomla! 1.5 (about 30 as outsourcing), over twenty extensions for Joomla 1.0, over thirty extensions for OsCommerce, some Zen Cart plugins and about ten Wordpress plugins. Our developers use this experience to create our features, SEO tools, and Joomla! extensions.

webdesign technologies - php, ajax, mysql, mootols

You want to develop for you custom CMS extension, custom SEO tool or custom PHP code? Just order Custom PHP development from 3D Web Design. Prices for PHP programming starting from only TEN USD per working hour.

Interesting are Joomla Seo extensions, Seo tools, Joomla! Sms payments and other type Payments for Joomla, Aggregators for Joomla, Aggregator for Wordpress and here are all RSS feed Aggregators.

Top bestsellers, the most popular 3D Web Design extensions are:

You can buy online our extensions from our extensions directory and pay online through PayPal (with a credit card or with Paypal account) or through Bulgarian online payment Epay.Bg. Online purchase of add-ons and extensions for CMS: Joomla, Oscommerce, Zen Cart and Wordpress plugins. Here is our Downloads directory and here is our Support forum. If you want to buy some developed from us extension, please, read first Info, Rules and Terms of Service of 3D Web Design Extensions.

3D Web Design clients:

Here is some old list with our clients (latest published in 2012). At this time our customers are over 200 of the biggest international brands, over 250 hosting, web design and media agencies, and over 50 SEO companies.

3D Web Design team and events:

We are small Bulgarian company with strict principles. We at 3D Web design are constantly evolving, we rely on hard work and determination to make the things in the best way – this is the right way to survive as website developer in the web development business. 3D Web Design was one of the organizers of Joomla Day events in Bulgaria and many more events, seminars, and courses. Here is short presentation of our team.