Youtube video background for joomla

Youtube video background for joomla

Youtube video background for joomla. Content plugin for joomla that allow you to configure video background in selected content items. Plugin allow YouTube videos to be set as page background in content items.

All supported all Joomla! versions! Three files in package, one for Joomla! 3, one for Joomla! 2.5, one for Joomla 1.5. Unzip first! Plugin is updated on 12.12.2015 and now work with Opera, IE, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome!

Configuration and Options:

  • Default video ID: the YouTube video ID of the default video (11 chars)
  • Default video width: the default video's width in pixels
  • Default ratio: the default video's ratio, either 3/4 or 16/9
  • Default wrapper ID: the default HTML ID of the wrapper element, its contents will remain visible
  • Default z-index: the default z-index of the video container
  • Video controls: whether to enable the video controls: start/pause/stop/mute
  • Controls default position: if no {vc} tag is found within the article, the video controls will be displayed on this position, if enabled.
  • Full guide and description of functions.

Youtube video background - Joomla Examples

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