Mail order Pro

Mail order Pro

Mail order Pro for Joomla!

Mail order Pro is plugin for Joomla - joomla order form plugin, convenient solution for websites that do not require complicated functionality for online e-commerce. With this Joomla! extension your customers will order directly from product page (an article describing the product). Mail order Pro support credit calculator and support every joomla component (over simple configuration of ini files, examples included in plugin).

Latest Mail Order Pro v.1.2.3 is released on 07 July 2017. Inside the archive the are: the old (component based) version that supports Joomla 3, 2.5 and Joomla 1.5, the NEW (content plugin) version for joomla 3 and 2.5 with PDF guides and example templates for new version. New: Attached in package System invoker plugin for Joomla 2.5 is now updated and work with Joomla 3. System invoker plugin is needed to work pligin inside Joomla components not supporting Joomla content plugins parsing.

About new version: Using its INI files built-in config system, the new version allows the mailorder plugin easily to be set to be used absolutely everywhere on your site, with every component you wish. If the component itself does not invoke content plugins, or you have the Joomla cache enabled, the plg_invoker system plugin will do the trick for you. The site owner is now able to point which entities should or should not be affected by the plugin, based on an URL parameter and comma separaed list of values!

About MailOrder Old version:

Support of old Mail order version (component based) is discontinued from 23 September 2013! Old version is component and support Joomla 3, 2.5, 1.7 and Joomla 1.5. Support JoomGallery, Virtuemart, Mosets Tree, K2, highslide/modal box switching, ReCaptcha, custom templates and custom fields in order forms. If you add in some article the product tag {mailorder}, this will show "Order" button. In content editor you have button "Maiorder" that post this tag in html code of current article.

When you click on "Order" link, an order form is displayed in modal box or in highslide. After filling the fields and clicking of SEND button, You will receive email on your e-mail address with name of product, quantity of product and link to the product page (the page from which order is made). In an order form for each write the name of the product to order, and also have the opportunity to add information to facilitate the customer or information about the ordering process.

Administrator receives the message contains: name, address, phone, e-mail, product name, link to the product page and amount of products which the client wants. Joomfish is supported (old version). You can translate every field.

For old version (component): Integration with Virtuemart and Mosets Tree is only for Joomla 2.5! Latest version have guides how-to work in many joomla components but we can't guarantee that guides will work for every version of every component. Content plugin of Mail order Pro is developed to work with content and K2. Integration of old version with all other components is provided "As guide".

Version history of Mail Order Pro

  • 07.07.2017: MailOrder v.1.2.3: Added support for latest Joomla and PHP 7.xx. System invoker plugin updated to version 1.2 and now is working with latest Joomla 3.
  • 14.07.2015: V.1.2.2: Added support for parameter "controller" (untill now only task, file and view) and example ini file for JoomShopping.
  • 09.04.2013: Are included more template files, more examples for K2, Virtuemart and com_content and new step by step guide and FAQ as pdf files in English and in Bulgarian.
  • 31.03.2013: Mail Order Pro (content plugin) v.1.2 released. Added is credit calculator: Now you can use Mail Order with Virtuemart, content, K2 or with any other joomla component to generate order forms with included credit calc.
  • 12.03.2013: Mail Order Pro (new version) update: Added one new parameter: run_only_at. It has the same format and the opposite behavior of the "skip" RUN section parameter.
  • 01.02.2013: New Mail Order Pro for Joomla 2.5 now is plugin instead of component (older versions). New content plugin can be inserted to work theoretically everywhere, in every Joomla component. Example for Mosets Tree and guide in support forum included. Now in package are included old version (component for joomla 1.5, for Joomla 2.5 and for Joomla 3.0) and new version (content plugin for Joomla 2.5).
  • 24.01.2013: Mail Order Pro 2.4 for Joomla 3.0. Joomla 3.x version support only content and K2!
  • 19.01.2013: V.2.4 for Joomla 2.5. Joomgallery support is added. Now you can use JoomGallery as product catalog.
  • MailOrder Pro v.2.3 - update to work with latest Virtuemart, tested with VM 2.0.12.
  • New in MailOrder Pro v.2.1 - you have option for Mosets Tree and K2 to send emails to admin or to author of post/listing.
  • New in MailOrder Pro v.2.0 - integration with Virtuemart and Mosets Tree is added.
  • New in MailOrder Pro v.1.7: Recaptcha support is added.
  • MailOrder Pro v.1.6 and higher: Mail Order Pro is now fully customizable
  • With Pro you can switch look of order form between scripts highslide and modal box.
  • With Pro you can have unlimited texts in content items, like text1 "Buy now", text2 "Order" and other text constants that you have create in language files.
  • With Pro You can create custom templates for order forms and have different template in every content item. In this way you can create different forms for different types of products.
  • You can have unlimited number of different forms on one page
  • You can create unlimited number of custom fields in order forms and have different custom forms in every content item.
  • New in 1.6: You can configure to be required or not for every custom field in order form.
  • Notification to user and Option to control text of notification in email from admin panel.
  • Example with different templates and different forms on one page: Mail Order Pro test product

Options in Mail Order Pro:

  • Credit Calc: On / Off (new version only).
  • Recaptcha On / Off.
  • Admin Email config.
  • Height and Width of modal box.
  • Info text - your Description of orders.
  • Possibility to order multiple products from one page (old version only). If you enter in content {mailorder id=43} in content are shown: "Order now" link that point to content item with id 43
  • Possibility to have many custom forms in one page (old version only). If you enter in content item: {mailorder formtpl=my_cool_template id=48} in content will be shown: "Order now" link that will point to content item with id 48 and will be called form template: "my_cool_template".
  • Buton in editor to fast insert of {mailorder} tag (old version)
  • Multilanguage files with translation to 9 languages (old version)
  • New version info: Guide and functions of latest Mail Order Pro Plugin.
  • All other info: Guide, Detailed description and functions of Mail Order Pro Component and Pictures in our support forum.
Extension is multilanguage. Language files included in Old version: English, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Norwegian and all versions of Chinese. Language files included in New version: only English. Price: completely FREE from 27 November 2013.

You can download free version of Mail Order (support only joomla 1.5) from here: free version of MailOrder.

Българско описание на старата версия на Mail Order Pro

Mail Order е лесен за използване компонент за онлайн поръчка на продукт по емайл за джумла. Към компонента има два плъгина инсталиращи се автоматично. Където и да е в съдържанието вмъкнете {mailorder} и там ще се появи текст: Поръчай продукта (текста може да бъде сменен от езиковия файл).

Предимства на Mail Order Pro

  • Mail order Pro поправя проблемите със seo оптимизацията на страницата от която се поръчва.Линка към формата за поръчка не се проследява от търсачките.
  • Добавен е бутон в редактора и можете да вкарате тага {mailorder} в съдържанието с един клик вместо да го пишете на ръка.
  • Добавена е опция за поръчка на много продукти от една страница. Ако вмъкнете в текста на страницата: {mailorder id=43} в съдържанието се показва: "Поръчай сега" линк за поръчка на продукт с id 43.
  • Pro версията поддържа шаблони на формите. Ако напишете в съдържанието {mailorder formtpl=template_edno id=48} това ще извика Форма за поръчка на продукт с id номер 48 и формата ще се извика от шаблон с име "template_edno"
  • С Pro версията можете да имате неограничен брой напълно различни форми на една страница.
  • Pro поддържа създаване на полета по ваш избор във формите. По този начин можете да създавате различни форми за поръчка за различните типове продукти.
  • С Pro версията можете да задавате за всяко поле поотделно дали да е задължително или не. Можете и да настроите например поле "Цвят на продукта" да бъде задължително във форма 1 и да е незадължително във форма 29.
  • В Pro версията можете да избирате какъв script да ползвате във формите за поръчка - highslide или modal box.

При кликане на линка се отваря изскачащ прозорец - модал бокс или highslide с форма за запитване за продукта.

В админ панела на Mail order Pro имате следните опции

  • Ново във версия 1.6: Опция потребителя да получава емайл с текст по ваш избор, например: "Благодарим ви за поръчката. Копие на поръчката е прикачено отдолу..."
  • Email на който да се изпращат поръчките
  • Широчина и височина на изскачащия прозорец
  • Инфо текст с описание по ваше желание (разполага се над формата за запитване)
  • Подробно описание на компонента на Български във форума
Компонента и плъгина са напълно БЕЗПЛАТНИ и мултиезични (в пакета има езикови файлове за Български, Английски, Френски, Испански, Руски, Сръбски, Словенски, Норвежки и двете версии на Китайски език.)
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