Wordpress Aggregator Lite

Wordpress Aggregator Lite

Wordpress Aggregator lite

Newest version of Wordpress Aggregator Lite is released on 30.05.2011.

This component is related to Joomla Aggregator Pro but content is not saved in database. Content is sent by email in HTML format to publish by email wordpress option. Similarly, content can be post in Joomla, Blogger, Typepad or any related blog system or service that supports posting by email.

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You need latest Joomla 1.5.x and PHP 5.2.xx or higher. Cron functionality is required for automatic work. Recommended: memory_limit: 64 MB and over.

This Extension is for Joomla CMS. Best Aggregator ever for Wordpress blogs is here.

Wordpress Aggregator lite is component that make possible to use post by email functions of any blogger or wordpress blog.

You can use Wordpress Aggregator to post in blogger or wordpress or in any other blog service that support post by email. One component can manage multiple blogs over unlimited rss feed sources.

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You can use Wordpress Aggregator to post in:

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • Typepad
  • My.Opera.com
  • Status.net
  • Identi.ca
  • or in any other blog system that support post by email.

Content aggregator automatically take rss feeds from unlimited number of websites and automatically post the content in 50-100 blogs. Number of blogs may be higher. All this is controlled by one site from this component.

You can use component for email marketing also. Simply enter rss feed, customer email and cron ( update frequency ) and that customer will be subscribed to news from this site.

Component is multilanguage, english and bulgarian files in archive.

Wordpress Aggregator Lite functions Wordpress Aggregator trackback functions Wordpress Aggregator Lite cron functions Wordpress Aggregator cache functions Comparison of Rss Aggregators - seo tools

Component is licensed under GPL license, You can use it at unlimited number of domains.

Support and Detailed info about options in this version: Wordpress Aggregator Lite For Joomla forum, All versions of Aggregators Backend Demo

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