Android App for your website

Android App for your website

Ready to use Android application for your website

Cheap Adnroid app for online shop or for web site for only 52 USD. App support almost every modern Android device - it supports all versions of OS Android from v.2.2 to latest. More than 14300 types of mobile devices supported!

Screenshots from our Android app

What you receive: Android application for website - "Standard Package"

  • App work over Rss reader - automatically read and inform user for new products (or for news) from rss feeds of your website. You can send us to 5 different rss feeds from your website to include it in your app.
  • The application remembers which news are already read by the user and which are not read and marks it differently.
  • Branding - icon and the logo in the application will be replaced with your logo. The making of images is not included in our price - you must send ready images to us.
  • Change of the buttons' colors, background, text and links in the application as you wish.
  • Button and contact page changes in the application - which refers to link or to e-mail address.
  • Button with your phone number in the application. Direct deal with a single call.
  • You receive the application packaged and ready for uploading in Google Play as apk file.
  • Demo version to try: Android application of 3D Web Design.
Price: 52 USD. Delivery: over email, to 5 business days after purchase. If you want something different, you can contact us or read more about Android Apps from 3D Web Design.
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