Seo List with 1068 edu domains

Seo List with 1068 edu domains

Seo List with 1068 .edu domains to comment. List is txt file with 1068 edu domains - ready to use in Scrapebox or other comment tool.

Edu domain list package contain three txt files:

  • list with 1068 edu sites
  • The same edu sites but sorted by type and pagerank
  • 1068 edu sites but filtered - only url of home page
  • Bonus: 26 more dofollow edu sites.
  • Bonus: FOUR .gov sites with comments enabled in this list.
This list is part of 24230 edu urls list. We dont guarantee that every website will post your comment. Use this url list at your own risk.

Edu and .gov domains are powerfull for link building. This .edu urls list is collected from our tools and is last checked on 15 February 2012.

Edu domain list stats:

  • 574 with unknown type
  • 465 Wordpress blogs
  • 24 Viper Guestbook
  • 2 Blog Engine
  • 2 PHPBB Forums
  • 1 BBPress
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