Seo Articles Network: Blog Network Software

Seo Articles Network: Blog Network Software

Do You want to be a SEO company and to sale SEO submission services?

Every man with more than 2-3 blogs + Seo Articles Network = Seo company.

Seo Articles Network is a Blog Network Software - Joomla component which manages huge private blog networks. All Seo companies have their own blog networks to post links for link building in. With Seo Articles Network every seo can create a control center to post his articles to his website network from one place.

With this extension in only One year, 3D Web Design became the SEO company with the highest number of clients in Bulgaria.

Version History of SEO Articles Network Software

  • 28.05.2013 - v.1.5.6 - Post limit in categories, schedule posts, switch on/off for every blog and copy category functions.
  • Now you can make one category with 20, 50 or 150 blogs inside and can "clone" this category with only one click to save time.
  • You can have category with some number blogs (for example 25), but you can configure it to post article only in 19 blogs (example).
  • Now you can configure every blog in category to work or not with XMLRPC - this function save your time when you want to post this time only in selected blogs, next time in all blogs without to save category every time.
  • You can schedule posts to be posted in every blog in different time - option Publish Delay (Hours). When you post article in some category, article one can be published after 1 hour, article two will be published after 2 hours, article three - after 14 or 124 hours.
  • Schedule posts is "Google Penguin safe" function - very important function to not publish articles at once and to avoid problems with google.
  • 18.02.2013 - v.1.5.5 - New content shuffler - now shuffler can randomize content better. You configure in every article email where will be sent report.
  • After submitting in 120 blogs, user that order this article, will receive on email direct links to all 120 published posts. Now content can be sent to all blogs and published immediately over XMLRPC.
  • 06.02.2013 - v.1.5.4 - Wordpress XMLRPC support and reports functions are added.
  • 06.06.2012 - v.1.5.3 - Option to send email to administaror when new article is waiting approval and when new domain wait for approval. Added is option to receive url of blog where is posted article.
  • 04.06.2012 - v.1.5.1 - spin format processing and synonym substitution in titles functions with separate configuration are added
  • 07.02.2012 - v.1.5 - bug fixes and tags in posts function
  • 10.01.2012 - v.1.0 of SEO Articles Network is released

Most important Functions of SEO Articles Network

  • can generate automatically unique article over built-in article spinner and synonyms databases
  • can sent many unique copies of one article to multiple blogs with one click or automatically by schedule
  • admin can creat unlimited number of subscription plans with limits for: number of domains, number of posts per day and number of monthly posts.
  • built in sms and paypal payments
  • users can pay for one published article or for month subscription
  • you can earn many money without hard work
The Biggest Blog Networks currently was Linkvana, Build My Rank (now not work), Linxboss and Blog Blueprint. These networks have thousands of users and receive lots of money every month!
Incredible tool! If you are a SEO company or if you just have many websites, this software will reduce the amount of your work for copywriting and posting in dozens of times.

Do you want to earn money from your sites?

If you have Seo Articles Network installed in combination with some websites or blogs, you will be able to sale seo services and article submission to your sites and to receive money from this service.
With Seo Articles Network you can post in these types of websites: Wordpress, Joomla, Typepad, Blogger, In Joomla and WordPress you can control many parameters of post and category where content will be posted.

You can earn money with Seo Articles Network in three different ways that can work simultaneously.

Blog Networks Control Center

  • There is no need to sell seo submission services if you don't want to, just control your own blog networks. Yes, you can control more than one blog network, the component is able of controlling many blog networks. You can create lists with blog networks, for example "SEO and Marketing", "Finance", "Business", etc.
  • Then you can post three different types of Articles: plain text, text with HTML code or "text with HTML code in SPIN format" {keyword|synonym1|synonym2}.
  • If you want, just copy some article from somewhere and post it in tool unchanged. Seo Articles Network will change article automatically to make it unique and will post in every blog unique copy.
In this way you will get to 50 unique articles from one 300 words article - rewritten and posted in 50 different blogs. Without work, with only one click.
  • If article is about 500 words and you add more blogs to tool, you will get to 150 unique articles - rewritten and posted in 50 or in 150 different blogs. Again with single click.
  • To work all of this, you may need only two things: 50 to 150 wordpress blogs (or joomla sites) installed on 150 different domains and only one copy of Seo Articles Network software.
  • There is no restriction: number of managed domains can be 1500, 10000 or 100000.

Submission Service with price for each submitted Article

  • You can earn money with price for submit of one article in many sites of your network. Non-registered users will submit articles and will pay directly after submit.
  • If customer pay for article, article will be published in your sites. If not, will be deleted automatically after some period. Seo Articles Network have built-in Paypal and SMS Payment functions.
  • Artcle can be published automaticlally after payment or after your approval - due on your configuration in software.
  • If is allowed for current network, article will be posted in one random site in network or in many blogs. Seo Articles Network will change automatically article to make it unique and will post in every website unique copy of article.
  • If user post well formatted article in spin format will get great result and 100% human readable and unique content.

Submission Services with monthly price and paid plans

Yes, you can buld huge community with many users and receve more money every month. Seo Articles Network have all functions to build huge blog network community like Build My Rank, Linkvana, Linxboss or Blog Blueprint.

  • You can earn money for Membership paid plans access. You can create in Seo Articles Network unlimited types of Membership groups with many parameters. You can limit membership groups by three parameters: number of domains, number of posts per day and monthly limit. These functions work in exact way in all big blog networks.
  • How these functions work? Customer pay and join some of paid plans. After this user can create unlimited projects in your account.
  • When user reach limit of current member plan, posts will stay in history with status "pending". If user pay again for next month, these posts will be posted to one or to many blogs (due on your settings for current category).
  • Artcle can be published automaticlally after payment or after your approval - due on your configuration in admin. Every category have separate settings.
  • SeoArticles Network software have built-in Paypal Payment and SMS Payment.
  • If is allowed in current category, article will be posted in one random website in network or in many websites.
  • Seo Articles Network Software will change automatically article to make it unique and will post in every website unique copy of article.
  • If user post well formatted article in spin format will get great result and 100% unique content, human readable.

Functions and Info for Seo Articles Network

Requirements of Seo Articles Network Software

You need latest Joomla 2.5/1.7 and PHP 5.2 or higher with mbstring extension. Cron functionality is required to automate sending of pending articles. Access to php settings of host ( php.ini ) is required in some cases. Recommended memory_limit: 64 MB or higher.

License is for 1 Domain name! You can use our Seo Tool on single Domain and on all its Subdomains. Price $198 USD, Epay.BG and PayPal Payment. Every license after first cost 38 USD. You will get subscription with unlimited lifetime updates with this tool. Don't want to pay so much money? Buy Seo Articles Network Reduced Package.
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