Media Rss

Media Rss

Media Rss for Joomla

Component support only Joomla 1.5. Latest version is 1.3 from 21 November 2012. Couple of bugs are fixed and one new option in feed: with or without readmore tag.

Media Rss is component for Joomla that generate Rss feeds by your choice, include feeds for Cooliris Piclens - Media Rss.

You can create unlimited Rss feeds. Component has a module that allows users to open images from web site with Piclens photo gallery.

Options available in Media Rss

* Module create RSS feed(s) Automatically inside the address bar on the browser.
* Create feeds automatically based on Section/Category structure.
Custom title and description of the feed.
Unlimited number of feeds.
* Limit the number of news in every rss.
* Limit the number of words in feed

This is the only component that can create Media Rss feed for Cooliris Piclens. You just post pictures in content and Media Rss create one big Cooliris Gallery for You - generated from so many content articles as you like.

Detailed description and support

Българско описание на функциите и ръководство за Media Rss

Media Rss for Joomla is absolutely FREE. In package are component and module.
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