Webdesign, Concert of Japanese Music and Taiko Drums

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Concert of Japanese music, taiko drums and Web Design

So happened that I went to the concert of traditional Japanese music - drums taiko, shamisen (tsuguru dzhamisen) and shinobue of 03.02 in 2009 (third in February). So happened that there was no time until now to write ten lines of your experience and show the Japanese drums. Definitely I like music a lot, but unpleasant impression made me a lot. But let me get in line. 

Eastern culture and a concert of Japanese music


First, for moe big big fan of horror eastern cultures Ognian Mladenov was not there . Will use the time to tell him how much missed. Concert was incredible, although this time the drums were not the biggest. The audience at the Sofia opera was up at least five times and only the biggest maypole able to see anything (well that I am one of them). 

My second impression was that the tickets were extremely insufficient, and at 100 meters from the entrance were groups of people who asked that sell tickets. 

Pose, Hi-Life and drums taiko

Then funny part began. Immediately felt that there is a healthy presence of Sofia socialite, parliamentarians, Kalfin and Co., here and there in one another in a rich, all iztupani with his half. Do me the impression that they have come to hear music tolkava as to see journalists write about them and photographed them. Artists were represented only by Zueka that was only a modest and not commercial. 

Japanese music, drums and Yo-soro

Describe them very briefly: The music was impressive, inspiring (at least for me), and different. Most I liked the last composition before the intermission - Roots - Roots where drums really shook the hall and the performers gave everything of myself. 

Yo-soro were three little Japanese and a yaponka by two founders of the group - calico Miki Hiroyuki Okada and were constantly smiling, though a little tired at the end. Proved and chebyaha ponauchili at least two or three sentences in English and our native language pozdravihana as far as could. 

Interact not astonished me and pose our personalities continue in full force. Not be passed without incident. Group of friends with whom I had the door pulled me out and Kalfin and Co. natsupiha is amazing that failed to be photographed with me:). Excuse them here publicly, but who for whatever is coming ... I had gone to hear music and not to shoot. 

But to admit I was a little monkey and me that were not taken camera - Yosoro were allowed to shoot in the room, albeit without the use of flash. If we take the difference between me and the members would be only one: I would have tayko pictures and drums Yosoro and not yourself:) 
Bulgarian reality show even in a concert of traditional Japanese music 

The concert was bad organized:

Japanese "tranlstor" spoke Bulgarian really bad
We leaflets - polls to fill what we like, what, how do we know about the concert and other 
For my big surprise as I looked to exit, we were unable to find where they collected and the survey went into the trash. 
Half the tickets were distributed "service" of great, proved that there are mortal and 200 are arranged with tickets directly rejoiced that we lucky ones of 
During the intermission there was a man where to buy even a mineral water, and the concert continued nearly three hours (two and a half and then half an hour Yosoro received bouquets of flowers) 
Show that it is leading a special patronage of President Parvanov, but he did not attend 
Basket of flowers which gave Prime performers was less than that of Stefan Danailov and several others (imagine how they make that they venture to give a greater Japanese bouquets of his) 
Finally the scene was so had stopped by the huge baskets of flowers that the Japanese only seen from behind (the flowers were very high and Japanese nisichki). At least it was up to something greater 

Web design and Japanese music and eastern culture

While I was listening to the performance time to think over some things (not long ago I happened to have beshte time for reflection side). Zamislih over one of the main principles of Eastern cultures, namely that things should be done with ease and not forced to happen naturally and not force them. 

I just did not do that in recent months and is trying to sell a lot of good web design products with great quality, but the wrong people who just do not have a budget. Already convinced that there is no sense as the major promotions to them and convince them, just overwhelm with work and they appreciate it. 

Small companies just can not think as big, so they are small and most likely, if not change their thinking will remain small forever. 

Message to customers: If you are not convinced that it makes sense to invest more money for their performances on the Internet and its Web site to receive a product with better quality, I will do it. As your budget, so you'll get. Begin to respond to priority requests that explicitly state what the budget of the contract and soon to be no other answer. 

Conclusion for the client as to be trite: Business (Internet) is changed, follow him. 200 euro more invested in your site today, may prove crucial for this to be a leader in their market niche after year. Achievement in web sites grow in geometric progression in proportion to the amount of money invested. Placed money he wins, for example, put 1000 in the euro being the first in Google, usually one year more them back a hundredfold.