Static site versus dynamic site

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Static versus dynamic site

This article answers the questions: How can I make a dynamic site? What is a dynamic site? How dynamic sites work and what are the differences with the static? How to make a dynamic site? How to make dynamic sites?

Comparison of static and dynamic sites

While millions of people still rely on good old black and white newspapers every day, they will be our perfect example of static sites. After having printed paper can not be changed, the type is defined and will have to wait until the next number appears. Imagine, however, that the best reporter you just brought shattering, stunt, but you can not publish because it is already late.

Similarly, once a static web site is already published, it will not change until the next edition hard, should the webmaster or someone who is familiar with HTML, Flash or edit such content specifically to address and to bestir healthy.

Dynamic website, on the other hand uses programming in addition to the layout and not only to allow the flow of data within and outside the facility, but to make quick and meaningful connections with the database.

For example, an online business directory may allow local businesses to register and create profiles for their companies. Site visitors can search directly in the database directory according to their needs, for example, may conduct a search for a lawyer in their zip code who speaks Spanish or dance school in the area, which offers dance courses.

Dynamic websites allow their owners to get information through password protected administrative interfeys.Ne require knowledge of HTML or design Web sites so you can update and maintain such sites. Moreover, each page you create a similar system developed by us with a visual editor for each page you make and it looks like a lot of Word of appearance and its easy to use. Making dynamic sites.

What are the costs for production of different types of sites? 

In addition to budget for your web site there are numerous other factors that will determine whether you need static or dynamic site. What purpose will your site serve? If you are a small company for sale or offer services or products, then a static website could suffice your needs. Do not think however that it can do much more than an online business card or mini-presentation. On the other hand, if you have a large list of products and services, then you may wish to provide their customers with the ability to search as your list is based on their selected criteria with a dynamic web site.

If you rent a villa on the beach in the Caribbean and just need to display multiple photos, prices and contact information, a static site will work. However, if you are a real estate broker in a competitive market and you need to update your list frequently, a dynamic site will be your decision.

A dynamic website typically cost more money than static, because as e-slozhen, but may be more cost effective solution in the long term. The dynamic site is the most effective solution for sites with content requiring frequent updates and interaction with visitors. In general, all sites that can do something - to feel remembered, etc. Are dynamic.

It is important to know that a dynamic site, there can be only an appropriate Web server that supports the necessary software. This is called hosting and your company provide, hosting company. 

Advantages of the static site

As to your incredibly static sites have their advantages.

  • Low price for small sites
  • Opportunities for creating a differentiated design
  • Each web page design may be radically different from that of other staranitsi Site
  • Interactivity through Flash animation - the whole site could be a flash presentation
  • Fast loading times
  • In most cases - simplicity of manufacture

Operating principles of a dynamic site

To tell you their weaknesses and to understand them, let me first explain how to operate your own dynamic site.

In the most general case, at least for a dynamic site is needed three things:
Server software support tools that use the site
Database, such as MySql
At least one dynamic page, such as a Php code that connects to the database

Here we go: Our Php code associated with the database. It can reproduce like himself pages of N number of times. With the introduction of new pages or articles on your site, you simply multiply the same page.

Here comes the main limitation of dynamic sites and the control of content (CMS) - all of them are just a template, template - Html code inserted in Php, integrated naturally with more or less CSS and Javascript on the site.

In simple words for people who have not yet managed to understand: Our Php code (template) has programmed a number of N positions in the template by which to achieve some level of flexibility in the appearance of dynamic site. How does all this?

For example we made 10 position in the template and they are in it as follows (the names of the items are written - banner, top, toolbar, etc.)

The idea is this: After we have programmed the position of the template, each of them may be on or off the page of the site. For example, in our site each position is elected separately from its own control panel box - whether it has or not on that page. Thus, a dynamic template of the site with 20 programmed positions achieved 20h20 = 400 possible combinations appearing on the site. (Recently, most sites that are produce 30h30 = 900 combinations)
What happens when the heading is not included on that page?

These positions in our templates are fully flexible (or detectable skrivaemi) - where the position of a page is not included, other items are automatically expand and occupy all their available space. Thereby achieve stylish, beautiful and professional looking sites with huge amounts in their functionality.

Examples of items in the template:
If all positions are excluded in our sample page, the article itself - its text will occupy the entire field
If another page include only position USER1, the page will be 2 columns - left menu of the site and say the right will be the article
If a third-page headings include USER1 + USER6, USER7, USER8 + BANNER, will now get a professional looking page with a logo or banner on top (whatever we are in position USER1), the menu on the left (we should be pre-made menus, which are inserted in Position USER1) and three fields beneath the article, ordered one to another (often also be used for small banners, links to other sites of the partners or just a modulche which displays the latest or most read articles on our site as a link) .

Features of dynamic site

Dynamic web sites also have their challenges: good programmers are harder to find, more often requires that one or more people to get involved in the design of a dynamic site. When choosing a programmer or developer, we must necessarily ask to see their sites designed. Here are our Portfolio Dynamic sites. 

How can I get a dynamic web site the cheapest?

Most cheaply and profitably, you can get perfect dynamic site associated with the best for 2007 and 2008 control system content, if you choose an existing design template in which we have in raw or semi-finished. Real because it stopped doing static sites for the price of 300 leva (in a set of hosting and domain for one years) is closer in price to more serious work of the static design.

Do not think this site will be beautiful, even on - the professional designers who have developed in most cases are much more accurate eye and sense, not to mention the experience, compared with a user who wants to have a site but in most cases can not even submit it exactly.

The prices for the unique design (which is entirely under your vision) is quite different from those here and this is normal, since many require more hours or even days to develop their work.

Other frequently asked questions and examples of static and dynamic sites 

What types of site are static sites - are Static HTML and Flash sites, and dynamic are the most commonly known as PHP or CMS (control system content), although there are many other types, names and terms.

What type of programming language and database is used most often for creating dynamic sites? The most common currently used in Internet programming language PHP, and the type most frequently used database is MySql.

How much time is required to publish an article or menu in your dynamic sites? The most common publication of a new page or menu created by our dynamic website takes about 30 seconds! Can be done by everyone, need not have any knowledge of programming and making sites.

How much time is required to publish the article in the menu or a static site? In static sites can not post a menu or an article of less than 5 minutes (for a programmer, you know what). For the typical user time ranges from 10 minutes to extremes when unable to handle and completely change the whole site.

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