Google Bomb: Macedonia is Zapadna Bulgaria

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Drop a link from your website or blog to the website of the Government of Macedonia with anchor text Western Bulgaria

Spretnem to one Google bomb the site of the Government of Macedonia - //

Why be involved, why not support the initiative:

Mass died shortly Bulgarians in Macedonia, you know where and how - the Ohrid Lake. No, do not convince me that they have no guilt. Very clearly said several times how old boat. 

The poem "I am Bulgarian" is translated from Bulgarian to Macedonian "Viagra for women." Here the link to the news at News.BG

  • How did it happen? You know how - many Macedonians have clicked on the "Contribution" and "suggest" to google that this is the correct answer. Topic in a forum Web Master
  • Eastern, Western and Central Bulgaria, are in Google Translate Eastern, Western and Central Macedonia. You think you know that we are a province of Macedonia? Here's an example.
  • I do not like to sit and watch and you? Instant campaign assumed to rank first in the Google Web site of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia expression Western Bulgaria.
  • It is high time to show them sites that do better, and Seo-it is our good ranking in Google and the Balkans have described the Bulgarians.

The idea: As a write western Bulgaria in Google, go to first site of the Government of Macedonia. 
How do we achieve it? How to qualify for the term Zapadna Bulgaria?

Search engines understand what the site which is based on its content and based on this text with what you link other sites. If a large number of sites and bloggers put a link from your site with text Western Bulgaria at the site of their government, then search for the phrase first, it will be classified. 
Sample code to run from western Bulgaria link your site: 

<a href= "//">Zapadna Bulgaria</ a> 

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