Seo Optimization for Facebook, direct links from Facebook

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Seo Optimization for Facebook, direct links from Facebook

Facebook is increasingly entering the profile of the average Bulgarian online user first started to use IT specialists, and gradually all others. Estimates are by the end of the year at least 500 thousand Bulgarians to use it to make their profiles there.

Therefore feysbuk increasingly used in SEM and online marketing specialists in advertising and marketing campaigns, creating a mass of pages of companies, individuals, online stores and events, to parties and interest groups ... list is ogramen.

Problem: Feysbuk not used for the present optimization abroad and I do not know a great desire to delve Bulgarian present but I have not seen it used or at least not in the correct manner.

Okay, you say, great, great audience and we can drop links as you want. Yes, but the links on the first feysbuuk nofollow attribute is the second in many places even pass through the script and even the search engine sees a link.

Some of you as a colleague and Vasil Toshkov some truly doubt the value of attribute invented by Google and not pay attention, even at several places on the Internet already insinuate themselves rumors that google does not know what to do and it may removed.

These colleagues - baltarski optimizer as I know it is important to have a large amount of links pointing to your site than with whether or not nofolou. But they know that those without this attribute are times stronger and the dream of any optimizer. Dokoposh direct links to a strong and reputable site - what better than this. What's on in Facebook?

And for all those colleagues who watch it just started to make their accounts in Face-but this article to help them and to save time, act first, that way you know - Russians, Chinese and Hindi dont sleep :)

I emphatically that this article is absolutely original, and even two lines of it are not available anywhere on the Internet, and how the trend described in it are very new and hardly be able to read them elsewhere. If you liked the article, you were valuable or copy parts of it - put a link to the original so as not to thrust in Supplemental - will personally take care to the article to show strong linkcheta mass so that whether you will win or lose.

Types of pages created in Facebook

In Facebook you can create many different types of pages - user profiles, groups, pages of public figures, business pages and more. There are many many applications working through the Facebook Api, there are very large number of developers, even now there are several English developer.

Quick links for novices:

Most of these applications, creating whole new sub-sites in feysbuk when you create an account there. Standard applications do when your first account, there are several of them and it is these types of pages that describe it. However, this does not mean that they are the best.

Quick Link Building with Facebook

Okay, here we go with the links.

Most links are on Facebook skriptosani may receive a direct link if you post something first and then comment as to play copy-paste url address in the comments. Everywhere - whether a group page, post in the wall of your user profile or page you create an organization or company.

Large amount of links quickly, related links from Facebook. 

Rapid connection to all your sites to use the application feysbuk NetworkedBlogs. Add New Blog - NetworkedBlogs. Gives you the opportunity to zero time to insert all of your sites that appear in your profile and publications from relevant sites are drawn as in the RSS feed links on the site.

If you play may not get hardly any link to any news from your site (the latter only if you have full control over the content of your Rss feed. Our sites have offer such addons and additives).

Well, with skriptosanite to do, quickly got a huge amount of related links to their sites from feysbuk give now and see the links without Nofollow, did you read this article, go here, for free :)

Where in Facebook we have no Nofollow? Where is the links dofollow?

Time shared with colleagues Ognian Mladenov how, what and where I smell and because it has repeatedly urges me to write the article I most finally do it.

This article does not give explanations mile as far as many have no free time, but will attach screen shots of the Firefox plugin that shows me where and where there are no direct links from there now you do you account for what makes sense to make efforts and what - not much.

In two words - in your profile that you created in the page in groups and have links NetworkedBlogs Nofollow attribute indicating the search engine - not tracked. These links are marked in red in my plugin - can be seen wherever there are external links.

Page of your user account in NetworkedBlogs has no Nofollow! From there you can get direct from the field links URL's, and also to post your site - Posts I Voted For. To get them you must:

  • First add your site in NetworkedBlogs
  • To add Rss Feed To set the site and automatically publish - is right, it says "Feed Settings"
  • After some time appear first posts automatically extracted - after 5-15 minutes
  • You icon to vote on each of them, the green hand. When you click on it becomes gray.
  • Note that this function does not work with Opera, use Firefox or IE
  • Finally You must post somewhere link to your user account in NetworkedBlogs to make sure the search engines recognize link, follow and index the page on it.

Actually I do not know whether the purpose is to put this page in the application without nofolou attribute, it is possible to put it there in time but then - add sites and links! Strong direct links from Facebook for free.