New Google WebMaster Tools

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New Google WebMaster Tools

Last night, May 12 in Google Webmaster tools show: We're changing! Check out our new look! Links pointing to new instruments, plus a new look of the instrument Webmaster.

Besides the new appearance notice and experience to add new features, but not all, or at least not working properly, test them now. Currently working interface administartorski two parallel - and the old and new.

I hope Google us rejoice once again with new features, instead of another portion of the key changes and things happen in the admin panel easier and faster. I can not say that with all colleagues has shown the new interface as part of beta testing of Google and sgurnost am one of the people in Bulgaria who see new things, and furthermore I am a "major clients" -- in their panel administers more than 120 sites.

If you do not do more updates - easy, you will soon see.