How to do professional Seo Optimization

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professional Seo

How to become a Seo professional?

Seo Optimization for jolly and laughter on Google search engines.

  • Find an editor at DMOZ and bribery. (Beer safe to give this guy tell me where is Oggin :))
  • Make your free site or blogspot uardpres:))
  • Put in your blog title words: "I am the CEO.
  • The blog every day and in every post you write once I'm Seo "
  • Put back in the same in blogroll.
  • Make your account in bgmamma forums and put in his signature: [url = //address-of-your-seo-blog]I am Seo[/url] :)))
  • Make your account in Vanity Fair and blogging, blogging, blogging :))))
  • Great! Already seo!

Optional (Only for Seo Proffessionals)

  • Make your customers ultra impressive flash sites on one page.
  • Download Torrent from one site dispatch software spam email, and thereby "optimize" the sites of top customers
  • If you give your customer for 500 euro Seo paid him an ad campaign in Google AdWords for 200 and calmly tell him that he is top rated.
  • publish often seo articles and free Learn how to make kids seo specialists. No matter whether it is copy-Paste news from other sites or translate them from English.
  • I was wondering why no one pays you to optimize a site you have 1000 visitors daily readers bright you (l) o conclusions about optimization of search engines.
  • Smarmy often Matt Cuts
  • He goes before you search for "Seo" it lop of Google that sell and buy links that violate AdWords and AdSense rules and even what you think. The important thing is to ban any account, whatever:)
  • Super! You already a Seo professional!

If you want to become a Top-First-Seo-Good or even Google to quote You and Matt Cuts wants your permission to publish a link to your site:

  • Make your plate I'm Seo (and do not forget to attach it, even when leaving to cool)
  • Buy a cup of morning coffee labeled "Seo god"
  • Place a browser start page of your links I seo
  • Make your Seo Wallpaper-and url address of your blog and your photos and distribute them on the Internet
  • Walk all internet related events, seo conferences and the like, may learn something.
  • Nothing that you've already Seo god.

Seo sources:

  • The 7 Secrets of Seo (un)Success
  • Search Engine Optimization for Dummies
  • Search Engine Optimization for Flash
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