Web site design for Fashion website

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Web site design fashion, making a site for fashion

Make a beautiful design Fashion site suitable for fashion, fashion house, fashion shop, boutique clothing, reviews, presentation of models.

At first glance Fashion grabva site with a unique yet refined design, a number of attractive and intuitive modules available navigation that would appeal to the most demanding customers. Available styles and finished model and interface are not required to select exactly one of them, each style is subject to change if desired by the customer and further negotiation. The same applies to existing modules, which may hide the post or at any time.

The luxury and fashion interface are just some of the extras designed for Fashion site. Interesting and unique in this site are available specifically designed for 3 positions Slide show - the first sight of the user will be directed precisely there. Ideal place for your most beautiful models your new collection or your promotions.

The unique combination of five types of scripts with animated modules add great effectiveness of the site without using a flash animation - all content is indexed to 100% of the search engines!

Other characteristics of the fashion site:

  • Incredibly competitive price of the site!
  • Attractive interface
  • Modern and beautiful typeface with an option to switch to another control panel in seconds
  • 7 beautiful color options: Classic, Light Pink, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, jeans
  • Unique opportunity to own the user selects the style of the site in two ways - from the menus or down right impressive module
  • Auto Slide show includes seven style Web

More advantages of the site for fashion

- 100% CSS based
- 3 styles of menu
- Ability to enter unlimited number of pages and articles, presented in 7 color and style options
- Option to convert to PDF format and print format for each article
- Slide show with pictures effect on 1 position
- Slide show effects with pictures and text of the main position, just below the main menu with an option to click skrolirane User
- Slide show effects with pictures and text with a link to the article
- Login
- RSS feeds
- News Module
- Module for news on the principle of flash technology
- Opportunity for unlimited number of polls
- Site Counters
- Statistics of visits
- Ability to rotate banners
- Administration panel for editing and putting the information on this site at any time without any of the necessary technical knowledge
- Database
- Sitemap
- Contact form with spam protection
- Six categories of users with the appropriate control of the rights and access to site
- Search the entire site
- Opportunities for mnogoezichnost no limit to the number of languages
- Gallery fashion collections or users - such as models and models

More opportunities for effects of Internet sites that produce