ThickBox 3.1

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ThickBox 3.1 - Описание на скрипта

Върши почти същата работа като Lightbox2, но изглежда според мен малко по-зле

Предимства на ThickBox 

За съдържание вече можем да имаме iframe, HTML и AJAX!

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  • ThickBox was built using the super lightweight jQuery library. Compressed, the jQuery library is 20k, uncompressed it's 58k.
  • The ThickBox JavaScript code and CSS file only add an additional 15k (only 10k by using the thickbox-compressed.js) on top of the jQuery code. The CSS file could additionally be compressed if need be.
  • ThickBox will resize images that are bigger than the browser window.
  • ThickBox offers versatility (images, iframed content, inline content, and AJAX content).
  • ThickBox will remain centered in the window even when the user scrolls the page or changes the size of the browser window. Clicking an image, the overlay, or close link will remove ThickBox.
  • Due to the ThickBox creator's view that transitions should be tailored by individual authors, ThickBox windows do not implement fancy transitions. Feel free to add them as you see fit. Is this a feature? Well, some might say it is.
  • ThickBox can be invoked from a link element, input element (typically a button), and the area element (image maps).