Sports Predictions for Joomla betting system

Sports Predictions for Joomla betting system

Sports Predictions for Joomla component

Sports Predictions betting system for Joomla demo site

Sports Predictions for Joomla is betting system - component for Joomla 3.xx and Joomla! 2.5 to organize sport results predictions competitions for a team vs. team sports like: football predictions, basketball predictions, soccer, hockey predictions or other sports. You may use it as soccer predictions 1x2 games, as soccer prediction software (soccer betting system) or to create sports games for free for any other sport - a person vs. person sports also (e.g. tennis, billiard, chess, etc.).

Software support only Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5! Latest version for Joomla 3 is v., released on 24.09.2014. Latest version for Joomla 2.5 is v., released on 26.06.2014. In component's package is included English and Bulgarian translation, version for Joomla 2.5 have also Italian language (translated in italian is only frontend). Functions of versions for Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5 are different! In latest Joomla 2.5 version you have New game: 1x2 (just like lotto), tabs and nested categories support. In latest Joomla 3 version you have many new menu options in admin and more control over front-end views, at absolutely new level! For more info, please, read Documentation:

When a sport event's final result is published in soccer betting system backend, all users who has placed their predictions for this sport event's outcome are given points depending on their predictions success.

The sport events are organized into sport prediction tournaments. You may use the tournaments field to distinguish between the different sports. Component is multilanguage, all titles come from language files. You can rename titles to Hockey Expert, Soccer predictions or Basketball predictions if you wish. In demo site title of component is renamed to "Soccer expert".

How to make money? How to make tipsters competition?

Sports Predictions joomla betting system is real money site maker, is tip extension for Joomla, created especially to make money from paid games (soccer or other sports) and from free games! Our component is best way to make soccer games for coming soon FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

You can earn money from your Sports Predictions games! Free payment plugin for Payments for Joomla is included in package! Full Guide: How to make money site with Sports Predictions.

You can earn money from sports betting predictions in three ways:

  1. Free Games in website, paid access to Hystory: You can do this way with FREE payment plugin for Payments for Joomla - plugin is included in Sports Predictions package (Payments for Joomla is separate component for payments for all Joomla and is integrated with over 10 different Joomla components).
  2. Only paid Games in website (betting system use). You can do this type of game with other plugin for Payments For Joomla - Paid Predictions. With plugin installed and configured, only subscribed users can place predictions in Sport Predictions and you will have Only paid Games in website. You can configure price and time period for every type of subscription. After payment, user account is charged with some number of days. After the deadline, plugin automatically stop user access to predictions.
  3. With our additional betting extension for Sports Predictions Asian Handicap.

Sports Predictions - Screenshots from version for Joomla 2.5

Screenshots from Joomla 3 version: FrontEnd

Screenshots from Joomla 3 version: BackEnd

Sports Predictions for Joomla - Functions in Admin:

  • Tournaments
  • Teams
  • Sports Events
  • Predictions
  • Predictions for 1x2 game (joomla 2.5 version only)
  • Current standings
  • Current standings for 1x2 game (joomla 2.5 version only)
  • Settings
  • Option to access users other users history or not

Sports Predictions for Joomla - Functions in Frontend:

  • Sport Events (matches or make prediction)
  • Sport Events for 1x2 game (joomla 2.5 version only)
  • Sport Event info page
  • Predictions history with filters by tournament and by month
  • Predictions history for 1x2 game (joomla 2.5 only)
  • My history
  • My history for 1x2 game (joomla 2.5 version only)
  • Best Experts - Standings
  • Best Experts Standings for 1x2 game (joomla 2.5 only)
  • Stats Module

Available additional extensions:

  • Action plugin for Payments for Joomla: Paid predictions for Sports Predictions - only subscribed users can place predictions in Sport Predictions (additional price 9 USD).
  • Betting component for Sports Predictions: Asian Handicap - betting possibilities and three new games, over/under, odds.

Requirements of Sports Predictions

  • Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.xx
  • Php 5.2 or higher. Joomla 2.5 version: compatible with php => v5.3 with turned off error reporting. Joomla 3 version: php 5.3 and over.
  • Mbstring php extension
License: Gpl, Open Source. You can use our betting system to create soccer games or any other sports games on so many websites as you wish. Price - 39 USD, Epay.BG and PayPal Payment.

Спортни Прогнози за Joomla 2.5 - Българско описание

Спортни Прогнози за Джумла е компонент за Joomla 3 и 2.5 за организиране на състезания за прогнози от спортни състезания за най-различни отборни спортове, например: Футболни Прогнози, Баскетболни Прогнози, Хокейни Прогнози predictions и други спортове. Можете да го използвате и за индивидуални спортове (тенис, билярд, шах и други).

Когато публикувате в администрацията нов мач, всички потребители могат да прогнозират резултатите. Когато мача завърши и вие въведете резултата, всеки потребител получава определен брой точки в зависимост от степента на съответствие на прогнозата.

Спротните събития са организирани в турнири (категории). Можете да използвате турнирите за разграничаване на спортовете, тоест можете да направите турнири като Английска лига, Италианска лига или да направите категории за всеки отделен спорт, например: баскетбол, футбол, хокей.

Компонента е мултиезичен, всички текстове и заглавия идват от езиковите файлове. Можете да преименувате компонента за този вид спорт за който ще го използвате в сайта си. В демо сайта на компонента той е преименуван на "Футболни прогнози".

Спортни Прогнози за Joomla - функции в администрацията:

  • Турнири
  • Отбори
  • Спортни събития
  • Прогнози
  • Класация за момента с филтър по месеци
  • Настройки

Спортни Прогнози - функции в сайта:

Лицензът на компонента е Gpl, Open Source. Можете да го използвате на колкото желаете сайтове. Цена на компонента - 39 USD - около 60 лева. Разплащане през Epay.BG или PayPal.
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