Joomla Aggregator Pro

Joomla Aggregator Pro

Professional Joomla Rss Feed Aggregator

Professional Component for import of Rss feeds in Database for Joomla. Automatic Create Articles in your joomla web site. Four existing version of our component (known in Internet as Joomla Aggregator) , two for Joomla 1.0, two for Joomla 1.5 Native.

Component now is FREE! You can use aggregator at unlimited number of sites.
Version 1.2.3 is released on 30.05.2011.

Aggregator Version 1.2.3 fixes:

  • In archive are two versions - one without title alias (for use with joomsef) and one with automatically filled title alias.
  • Optimized performance.
  • Problems with rel="nofollow" on outgoing links on some server configurations.
  • Problem of showing "before item" and "after item" options in Content Seo tab if content has only intro text
  • "Show Html content" option clean all html tags in imported content if option is set to NO.

Aggregator Version 1.2.1 - PRO - This Version. Added functionality to assign author of imported news, adding html code before and html code after imported news. Added keywords functionality, simple integration with joomlatags. Added content processing for seo optimization and to create unique content from duplicate.

Aggregate, sort, import tags and Keywords, selection of encoding for imported news, included cronjobs functionality with choice of hour, day, week and month and many more Functions. Content processing for SEO optimization of imported news.

Every option is individual for every rss feed, included options for insert of html code before and after news (perfect for seo optimization). Tested on High Traffic Portal with only RSS News with 5000 unique Visitors for 2 Years, work excellent with sh404sef and other sef components.

  • insert html code before and after news (by your choice)
  • by your choice insert keywords before and after imported keywords
  • insert keywords or phrases in title before and after original title to make the title unique (perfect for seo optimization)

Aggregators Fully Automatic Web Site scenario: In Your website You can have over 200, 300 or 500 Rss Sources - theoretically unlimited. Feed one is imported in Joomla database automatically every hour in 05 minute, rss two is imported every working day in 0 hour and 15 minutes, rss three in every monday in 3 hour 35 minute and so...

Use our J! Agregator for News sites or Business sites for growing Visitors and Impressions. You can make your Paid Deep Links Directory also. Support Forum subscription and tips for Seo optimization of this type of web sites how to generate unique content from duplicate.

Make your Joomla Money Maker!

Requirements for Aggregator Pro version:

You need latest Joomla 1.5.x or Joomla 1.0.x, PHP 5.2.xx or higher. Cron functionality is required for automatic work of web site. Access to php settings of host ( php.ini ) and Ioncube loader is required in some cases. Recommended: memory_limit: 64 MB.

Please READ carefully - Detailed description: Joomla Aggregator Support Forum, Joomla Aggregator FAQ, All versions of Aggregators Backend Demo

Comparison of all versions of Aggregators

Подробно описание на Български: Джумла агрегатор във Форума

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