Website type and Pagerank check

Website type and Pagerank check

Check of lists with websites services

If you have some huge list with websites and you want to know type of every website and cms and pagerank for every website in list we will check your list and will filter by type sites for you.

With our cheap service you can filter your list only by domain or to create your own lists with sites to post comments or where you can post links (social bookmark sites).

We accept in this service lists with to 10000 sites! Please, dont send bigger lists!

List with backlinks check service

We will filter by type and (if you want this) get pagerank of every site in list for you. Our seo service is simple:

  1. Order this service and pay online
  2. Send us email with list with to 10,000 sites
  3. Only plain text files are allowed. You must send links in txt file.
  4. We will check your list and will return you in max. three working days your report.
  5. Known sites by type are: pligg, elgg, vbulletin, wordpress, phpbb, mybb, viper guestbook, TagBox, Community Server, Ateer.
You will receive as result only one list or many lists - one for every type. You can say us what type you want. Be carefull and say us exact type that you want! Options are:
  • One list with all types sorted
  • Many lists (every type in different file), e.g. wordpress.txt, pligg.txt, phpbb.txt.
  • You can want from us to filter urls - you will receive in one line of report only url of root domain. Example: //
  • You can want from us to get PageRank - on every line in report you will receive url and pagerank of root domain. Example: //|4
Price $5 USD, Paypal and Epay.Bg payment. Цена на SEO услугата около 7 лева.
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