Kunena plugin for sh404sef

Kunena plugin for sh404sef

Plugin for sh404sef for Kunena forum for joomla 1.5

Kunena sh404sef plugin creates frendly urls for your kunena forum in joomla 1.5. This plugin is based on fireboard plugin and uses fireboard options from sh404sef component configurations.

Тнis plugin is not tested with newer version of kunena - Kunena 1.6! This plugin is working with sh404sef v 2.xxx and is tested with sh404sef!

Available configuration options in sh404sef plugin:

  • Insert Kunena name
  • Insert category name
  • Insert category ID
  • Insert post subject
  • Insert post ID

Price 7$, PayPal and Epay.BG payment

Detailed description of kunena plugin in our forum

Подробно описание във форума на български

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