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Full Version: Wp Aggregator Ultimate Now Work With Synonyms Database
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Developed from 3D Web Design Seo tool Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate works with a databases with synonyms loaded from txt files from directory inside aggregator folder.

Quick, quality and cheap uniqueness of rss feeds plus automatic posting in many sites simultaneously with WP Aggregator Ultimate.

Yes, "Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate" work with synonym databases. The new version of Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate is already working with a databases of synonyms.

On aggregators you can ask to use synonymous database from standard text file in UTF-8 encoding. This makes possible the automatic qualitative uniqueness of the rss feeds automatically and uniqueness of large volumes of texts which again will be automatically published in multiple sites of your schedule.

Since yesterday conducting mandatory seven-day tests and the results so far are that if you use aggregators of shared hosting with a memory_limit of 128 MB option in php, everything works correctly with databases to around 1.5 to 2 mb, ie about 8000-10000 synonymous terms.

A new function ONE: substitution of synonyms has two different types:

1. Replacement of one main word line in the database with one of its synonyms is located in the same row in the database.

Previous format of the database for synonyms entered into the text box was:

keyword = synonym1, synonym2, synonym3;

NEW Setting where it is activated "First word to Synonym".

In this case, if we consider a row from the database, there have one word which is "Master" - in this case is the word "keyword". Every word that is first in the database before the equals sign is the "Master". In a database with 10000 synonym master sockets we have about 30,000 words.

What is the replacement algorithm in this case: aggregator crawling on the text of Rss Feed and when some word correspond to any of the "Master" words aggregator replace it in the original text with random synonym of the other place in the same row in the database.

2. Replace any word in the row in the database with random synonym.

Format of the database - csv format - words, separated by commas. End of this line is mean as ever with the symbol semicolon.

Sample line from the database:

keyword, synonym1, synonym2, synonym3;

In this case, if we consider a row from the database, there is NO word that is "Master" - all words are equal to each other.

Setting where it is activated "Every word to Synonym".

What is the algorithm in this case: Aggregator crawling the text of Rss Feed and when some word correspond to any words in first row in database, replace word in the original text with random synonym of the other place in the same row of database. After this aggregator skips to the next row in the database.

New feature two: Possible different locations on the link to the full article

We already know from the article "how and where to post links for seo" that links from the beginning of the content articles are more powerful than their environment, and of the end of the article are even weaker. The picture below shows it visually:

So if we want to aggregate a site and want to give more or less weight on the link we can pick exactly the position of the link.

When we are actively putting a link to the original article we can ask than what to write on the link and where to link.

There are four options:
- First. Link is first. The contents of the article begins with him.
- Before content. Link is between the text you enter in the fields in the "Content Seo" part and the content.
- After content. Link is after the text of the article but before text that you have enter in text fields in "Content Seo" part. In this case, the link will be published after content and before "after item".
- Last. Link is last.

New feature three: Replacing with synonyms work separately in the title of the news and in content. Can be configured separately for title and content:

- Will be included with synonymous substitution
- Does not work with replacement synonyms for the title of the content, or in both places
- Is work taking a condensed list of synonyms introduced in the field in the administration or a large list introduced synonymous to a large database - uploaded a text file in a directory of aggregators

It is important to know the following:

1. Aggregators can work with Separated synonym databases! Each Rss feed can run a separate database synonyms. Synonymous databases are uploaded into a specific directory and there you can upload many text files to use like databases with synonyms.

In settings of each rss feed is set to which database to run this Rss feed. Directory is protected, that even a user tries to open the exact url address to text file with the database will not be able to open and download database.

2. Consumers who have already purchased WP Aggregator Ultimate will receive update for free (any further updates also are free)

3. We have a large database of commonly used synonyms Bulgarian with over 25000 synonym clusters (about 100 thousand words) and a large database of frequently used English words and their synonyms, with about 20,000 words and their synonyms (about 60,000 words).

If you will create separate database for each website and each topic you will have great success in serch engines.

4. Complete with aggregators we will provide summary database with about 1000 words and their synonyms - a total of about 5000 words. With it you can easily and quickly test how this feature works and decide whether it is worthwhile to invest money to buy a suitable database or to invest in creating their own work on such a basis with synonyms.

5. This version of aggregator can work with large databases with synonyms. Good english words synonym database separate price is 30 USD. (20000 words and synonyms of these words - all are about 60000 words). This database is included for all new purchases in top version of aggregator - you will receive database for free with every new purchase (since 23 June 2011).

English database will provide customized with each new purchase. Bulgarian large database will be sold and will only be used for testing since the copyright of this database, we do not keep them.

The databases are specially formatted to work with aggregators and ready for work. Just upload a directory for the databases are marked based on the settings of the rss feed and you can start uniqueness texts in huge quantities - quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

6. The new version is uploaded in the demo site and now you can test it for free! Here are the login to administration of demo account:

Admin account demo:

Username: demo
Password: demo123

You can see functions and test it from: Components-> Wordpress aggregator.

Database of Demo site is nulled every 20 Minutes!
In demo site are included only short synonyms databases!
Words started with many symbols are removed from synonym database to prevent commercial use of demo site!

The new version is uploaded and published in our extensions directory.
Price is unchanged - 88 USD.
Online purchase

If you want only synonym database:
English synonym database with about 20000 words and their synonyms (about 60000 words) - price 30 USD.
If you buy Wp Aggregator Ultimate, you will receive this database for free with aggregator.

New: Scrapper plugin is now included in standart version of Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate for free.
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Two new important updates for free: (since 23 June 2011)

1. Now Scrapper plugin is included for free in standart version of Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate.
2. This english synonyms database is included for free in all new purchases in top version of aggregator.
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Latest changes in Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate:

1. Spin format support in "before title" and "after title" fields
2. Spin format support in "before content" and "after content" fields. You can see examples of spin format syntax and test here: article spinner

3.Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate can work with big synonyms databases inserted in database of joomla. Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate work now well with databases of to ONE MILLION synonyms! Synonyms are inserted in database and every feed can be configured to work with different synonym database.

Example: feed one work with german synonym database, feed two work with english synonym database, feed three work with russian synonyms database, feed four work with english synonym database, but specialized - for topics sem, marketing and web design.

This english synonym database is included in WP Aggregator Ultimate.

Latest versions are:
for Joomla 1.5 - WP Aggregator Ultimate with Scraper 1.5.5
for Joomla 2.5/1.7 - WP Aggregator Ultimate with Scraper 1.6.4

Both versions are released on 15 January 2012, are tested over 10 days and are published today - 16. February 2012.
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