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Full Version: Seo Links For Wordpress, Plugin For Automatic Linking In Wp
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Ivan Stamenov
Seo Links for Wordpress is a plugin for WordPress which automatically converts key phrases in posts into links.

This plugin is similar to Seo links pro for Joomla that work unproblematic from one year at over TWO thousands websites.

The main advantage of our plugin is that it supports long tail key words as well as Cyrillic and any other UTF-8 charset. Tests show that there is no better plugin for OnPage Seo Optimization for Wordpress blogs at this moment.

Long tail key phrases means that you can set nested key phrases, each of which can point to different URL, e.g. supported are Keyword that is included in other keyword that is included in keyphrase. Example keyword set:

- Seo
- Seo bg
- Seo bg optimization

Or other example of key phrases:

- Furniture
- Fine furniture
- Cheap furniture
- Furnitures

If these keyphrases are configured to link to different links all of this will work unproblematic.

You will able to easily publish links using possibly a large number of long tail key phrases. You can forget about the manual publication of links in Wordpress now.

Seo Links for WordPress has all the options Seo Links Pro for Joomla can offer plus a new key phrase parameter - the key phrase's posts frequency: N. What it means is: "Parse every N posts for the given key phrase".

Description of settings for every key phrase:

1. Word - a key word or phrase. SEO Links is looking for the phrase in the post and makes it a link if found. Key phrases in Cyrillic are case sensitive! This means that for a given keyword "мебел", for example, "МЕБЕЛ" or "Мебел" will NOT be converted into links.

2. URL - The URL address of the link, into which the key phrase will be converted if found. May contain Cyrillic and other UTF-8 characters.

3. Title - The title of the link. Most browsers display this text as a tip when the link is pointed over with the mouse.

4. Target - Specifies where to open the link, if clicked. Possible values are:
nothing - in the same window and frame of the browser (the same as _self);
_self - in the same window and frame of the browser;
_top - in the same browser window, in the top frame;
_blank - in a new browser window / tab;
_parent - in the same browser window, one frame up (if any) or in the top frame.

5. Rel - Used to advice the search engines bots how to proceed with this link. Possible values are:
nothing - the bot should follow this link (the same as external);
external - the bot should follow this link;
nofollow - the bot should ignore this link.

6. Posts frequency - Specifies one in how many posts is to be parsed for the presence of the key phrase. The plugin checks if the ratio of the post's ID and the Posts frequency is an integer. If yes - the post is parsed for the presence of the key phrase. Posts frequency = 1 means "check every post". Posts frequency = N means "check every N-th post (each post with ID divisible by N).

7. Occurrence - At which position in the post the key phrase transformations should occur.
Random - At random position in the post;
First - At the beginning of the post;
Last - At the end of the post.

8. Limit - The maximum number of key phrase transformations per post.

Screenshots from Seo links for Wordpress:

Create new post with some text:

Keyword configuration:

List with all configured keywords:

Result in post:

Result in html code:

What is not supported?

This plugin for wordpress does not support: By default keywords in heading tags (h1-h7) are not converted to links but this can be switched off by editing of regular expression in code of plugin. Note that plugin search between words in content for exact match, if some of keywords is inside html tag and is surrounded with html tags replacement also will be working.


Plugin is Open Source, but commercial. All rights are reserved for 3D Web Design.
You can use plugin at so many blogs as you can.

Price of Seo Links For Wordpress is $9 (changed on 15.10.2014, before: 19 USD).
Online Purchase

Want to test before buy?
Free download For PHP versions to 5.4: Seo Links Pro for Wordpress Trial.
For PHP versions 5.5 and higher: SeoLinks Pro for Wordpress Trial - Latest
Web Design Seo
Plugin is published, sales are started.

Enjoy your new wordpress seo optimization and discover power of long tail keywords in WP smile.gif
I make order right now, please, say me where is download link?
Web Design Seo
Hello and thanks for purchase smile.gif
Here is download link - menu My Orders

After purchase plugin is automatically sent to your email also. I mean email that you have write in order. If you have trubles with download, please PM me or sent us email and i will send you plugin at your email.

Sorry, i check email, plugin is already inside. Thanks wink.gif
I install plugin, work perfect. Great job!

But i have one more question: In your example at this picture i see url addresses that are with characters different than latin.

If i configure some url address in russian in example will be url address encoded like this:

I mean that in html code urls like this must be encoded over url encode function in php smile.gif
Web Design Seo
Yes, when you enter some non-latin url in url address field of keyword, this url will be automatically encoded and html code will be valid
-> search engines will follow the link.
Web Design Seo
Today Seo Links for Wordpress is updated, v.1.0.2 is released. Changes:

Keyword inside html tag and replacement of keyword when is surrounded with html tags now work.

<p>going to some really good keyword with my car</p> - will replace keyword with link

<li>keyword</li> - will work

<li>going to keyword</li> - will work

<li>going to keyword with car</li> - will work

Installed on my blog network - about 230-240 blogs. Plugin work perfect and results of internal long term links are imperssive. Some update or new version?
Web Design Seo
There is no newer version - v.1.1 is latest.
Web Design Seo
Brand new version 2 of Seo Links for Wordpress is now here. This is Penguin update and is requred to stay on top positions in search engines. Now new version can not be recognized from panda's, penguins and other animals smile.gif

Google has become smarter and we must to beat him again.


1. Now plugin support keywords to random links replacement. You can configure to ten different links and in every post keyword will be replaced with one of these to ten different urls.

2. Plugin support ordered keywords to links replacement. You can configure that keyword be replaced in posts with latest number of id's 1 with url 1, in posts with latest number of id's 2 with url 2 and so.

3. Now plugin support keywords to random html code replacement. You can configure to ten different html code snippets and in every post keyword will be replaced with one of these to ten different html codes.

You can use this option to random ads in every post like adsense and others. In every post keyword will be replaced with one of these ten random ads.

With these new options you can do all of this:
- you can link from one keyword to only one url within all wp blog with anchor one keyword
- you can link from one keyword to only one url within all wp blog with anchors with different keywords
- you can replace one keyword to many url's within all blog with different anchors
- you can replace one keyword to many different random ads within all blog

Update is not uploaded yet!
Web Design Seo
Update - v.2.2. is uploaded, we find bug and fix them.
Web Design Seo
New v.2.3 of Seo Links Pro for Wordpress is released today, 06.11.2012.

- Fixed is bug in Opera browser in admin.
- Added are options to have ordered links or random links in keyword confuguration. If you will post ads, you can have also ordered ads (in every post one particular ad) or random ads (in every post different ad every time).

Screenshots pending.
Web Design Seo
Today seolinks for wordpress plugin is updated to v.2.4.1. Soon will be available trial version for free download to test this seo plugin.
Web Design Seo
You can download and try for free latest Seo LInks Pro version for Wordpress from here: Seo Links Pro for Wordpress Trial. Trial is not limited in time!

Enjoy smile.gif
Web Design Seo
23.07.2013: New version - v.2.4.1-b2013 is released. Are cleared some small bugs with non-standart html special chars in blog posts.
2013-10-03: New version - v.2.4.2-b2013 is released.

1. Fixed small bug.
2. New functionality is added. Now is posible to target only special characters(single or many). They are automatically detected. This option will be very usefull for example if you need to transform all dots or commas in text to ads. You can use combination of symbols like ., or ;. etc.

Configuration example:

This function is perfect to configure point and comma's with google adsense code - you will get random adsense ads in all site with single keyword configuration.

How to get random adsense ads in all Wordpress with only 3-4 clicks?
1. Install Seo links Pro for WP
2. Configure as keyword point or comma.
3. Add at least 3-4 different adsense code types.
4. Select "Limit" - 2 - this will insert to two adsense code snippets on page.

Web Design Seo
SeoLinks plugin is updated again. Latest version is v.2.4.4.

Changes: compatibility changes for latest php versions - Php 5.5 and Php 5.6.

Free version For PHP versions 5.5 and higher is also updated: Download SeoLinks Pro for Wordpress Trial - Latest
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