User question about WP Aggregator ultimate:

I would like to know about your extension Post by Email.
For example, if I use Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate Joomla extension and extension Post by Email, then when I sent email to post on website, can Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate spin the article which I email to before post on web or not? or it's just post direct to the web?

It would be great if post by email can run as inter link with Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate Joomla extension such spin article before post.

Please, help to explain about that. Thank very much for your help.

My answer:

Yes, Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate spin article, change content and than send article by email to some website. After this (if site is joomla) content is posted in joomla with post by email.

Post by email only post article, dont spin or change content. All advanced features to change content is in wp aggregator ultimate.