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Full Version: Nickname In Facebook And Seo Optimization
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An important recent changes in Facebook from seo point of view is that now entitles you to upload your "nickname" and they very well positioned in a search on Facebook about the appropriate expression.

When: every time

Advantage is that no matter whether logged in or not, in any search for a man nicknamed keywords appear in the results as you normally name.

Naturally, you can have a name like "Webdesign Dimitrov" or "Webdesign seo London" but 99% of thinking users in Facebook would not accept a friend invites from this user.

Search engines see it: Not.

To see what I mean, you exit from your account and go:

This approach to selecting a nickname on Facebook can not get a significant advantage in seo optimization (nickname-but not included in the title of your page to facebook and you can see on your profile page only logged in users) but can lead to more easily detect your company and you, bringing more traffic and most importantly: FREE!

How to change my nickname in facebook?
(nickname in facebook, nicknames in Facebook)
1. Open page of your profile
2. Click on edit profile

Attention! Your nickname in Facebook can be only one or two words and you can set only once! Re-editing is not allowed, so think carefully about how to name it.
Pace Jody
Nicknames are like a second idendity of an individual. In some extreme cases, you are more popular among your pals by your nickname rather than being known by your original name. Now, when it comes to online social networking (a.k.a. Facebook), some people may not be able to search you simply because you’re there with your original name and they only know your nickname. Now, how to resolve that issue?

Luckily, Facebook has a privacy setting to include your nickname in searches so that people who know you by just your nickname can also find you.
Web Design Seo

I forgot, You can change your nickname at this url:

kadal ngepot
I would better to use real name for my personal facebook. But if you want to optimize a website or product, you can use facebook pages with the keywords as a nickname
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