Warning! Read carefully to avoid ban from Google Traslate for a certain period of time!

Attention! You should consider the following for Google Translate to work with Wordpress aggregator Pro.

If you translate a lot of content and so many rss feeds at once Translate will ban IP address of your site. Nothing terrible, just aggregator will stop to translate for a certain period of time.

In example: if you try to translate 4-5 rss feeds within 2-3 minutes with clicking on button "Import" in administration of component, google ban your site by ip for couple of days.

Apparently Google's servers supporting the service is poor and if a large load is detected by some Ip address it still often temporary ban on the source of the load.

It happened to me twice, first time translator to translate stopped for three days, the second time - for one week. In both cases I did let stupidity to translate over 10-12 RSS feeds per hour (with over 20 posts each).

If this happens by You immediately STOP this function! After expiry of the period, translate again starts working.

You can configure 100 and more rss feeds to use Google Translate smoothly, just make a schedule so that at the same time not to translate many of feeds in your list.

Remember: while You are on first test, turn off Google Translate! Clicking the Import button several times in a row for 5-10 minutes according to Google Translate is a problem ( as you it sounds amazing). This service is not seriously conceived from google and translate servers are currently weak.