One user send me today question:

Will this extension updated soon to work with Joomla 1.6?
Thank you again.

This type of extensions are secret installations that should not be displayed to people and search engines.
Joomla is just a shell that this Aggregator use. We dont plan upgrade of extension to work with joomla 1.6 soon and update to joomla 1.6 is not necessary.

I recommend you that you use stand alone website only for this aggregator to use full capacity of aggregator.
Most users that use Wordpress aggregator pro use it in joomla installations created special for this purpose - to work this aggregator inside.

If You use this aggregator in live site your system will be slown down - aggregator may post at once in to 30-50 sites and to 100-300 websites dayli. I recommend that you use vps server to use full capacity.

I suggest you that you use one domain exclusively for this aggregator to all work well. This extension is with high capacity.