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Full Version: Post By Email Not Working Since Joomla 3.5.0 Update [solved]
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I updated my Joomla Installation to 3.5.0 - Post by email was working fine before, now not anymore ...
The cronjob displays message:
"Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Failed to
start the session because headers have already been sent by "" at line 0."
I have no Idea where to start to look for the problem - please help!
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To solve problem, please, post here:
- your PHP version.
- exact php error.
- your Post by email version.
Forgive me I don't do well with forums because of a traumatic brain injury.

I've tried everything I can't get it to post anything on my site.

I am running Joomla 3.5.0
Jomsocial 4.1.6
Kunena 4.0.3

And PHP 5.5 with these settings

Please help

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Post by Email for Joomla 3 not work with Jomsocial - is written on product page. Jomsocial support was stopped on Joomla 2.5 end, supported is only Jomsocial 2.
- PHP version is 5-53STABLE-STANDARD
- Post by Email Pro 1.9.7

error report:
AH01215: Zend Optimizer requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
AH01215: The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
AH01215: Contact Zend Technologies at for a later version of Zend Optimizer.
AH01215: PHP Warning: Module 'zip' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
AH01215: Failed loading /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: empty_string

dont't know, if this has anything to do with Post by Email?

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This is nothing that comes from PostbyEmail, is due on your server configuration. So, here are some questions to start:
- Are you reading configuration guide:
- What happened when you configure your emal box in Post by email and are settings right (take attention on port)?
- And after this what happened when you click on button import?
- What are your settings?

This topic can help you also: How to test postbyemail
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