I ve got a little problem with scrapper :

I installed the last version on Joomla 3.3.
I grab content from https://vimeo.com/rideproduction/videos/rss for exemple in order to put embeded videos on my website

Scrapper is ON

remove script tag OFF

starting string : <div class="fallback">
Ending string : </iframe>
strip content : /fall|cript

catch redirect off

in Publish : all strip OFF

==> It worked !
that's the code in content : <div class="fallback"><iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/119329866" seamless="seamless"></iframe>

Since last thursday, the scrapper "don't" work, It grab only the "classic" RSS Feed but my setup didn't change .
It didn't follow link to grab article.

Do you have an idea ? Is it a problem from Vimeo ?

I really try a lot of things to fix it :
delete all feeds, start with new, switch all king of parameters, uninstall scrapper and reinstall.

best regards