Short guide: How to import beautiful "clear text only" full articles - full text of article, with only one picture (main picture for current article).

You want to import some rss feed in your news website, to grab full content from some news agency and to import ONLY the right things without trash in your site? Now with laest Joomla Scraper is possible to have perfect look with only necessary things inside, you have FULL control with our aggregator.

So, how to do this import with Joomla Scraper, short Guide with configuration of all needed options.

1. First you must update your version to Joomla Scraper v.1.9.6 for Joomla 3. Only version for Joomla 3 support some of these options. How to update Scraper.

2. Than you must configure full text import with scraper - switch on and configure scraper functions. How to cnfigure Scraper - guide.

3. Publsih tab, "split introtext option". Set it to "no intro text".
4. Set "Strip content html" option to yes.
5. Clear field "allowed html tags".

Link to screen from publish options (joomla 2.5)

6. Configure "Image Download" Section like on screen:

- Skip smaller than(px)
Images with smaller size, than selected, will be skipped and removed from content. It is measured smaller side of the image. For example if you have image with dimensions 240x180 than 180 will be used for comparison.

After configuration of Scraper function, save feed, check feed and click on button preview - on right top. You will see what will be imported in content. Find size of pictures that you want to import in your site and configure option "skip smaller than". For example, if you want to import only main big image for this article and image size is 600 px x 400 px, configure this option to 300 px.

- Maximum Images
Maximum number of images to download and import in content. If you want only 1 image, set this to one.

7. Set content images - Yes. Set Full Article Image to Yes, Intro Image to NO.

8. Create in your Joomla website menu pointing to blog view for current category (where you import articles from this feed).

Ready. Now you will have on category page beautiful look - only titles with images. On content article pages you will have full article text and main image for this article. Without advertising, banners, thumbnails and others.