You need joomla development from Joomla developers? You need to hire Joomla expert to make for you custom extension, simple javascript or php modification or you need changes for some of developed from us Joomla! extensions? 3D Web Design offer custom Joomla web development services on price only TEN usd per work hour for php development for Joomla, only 10 US dollars to hire expert - reputable and experienced Joomla developer in Sofia, Bulgaria.

About 3D Web Design software and Joomla! web development:
May be you know, may be not: we are experts, developer with experience. No, we are not from India, our web developers team work and live in Bulgaria, in Sofia. Bulgaria is one small country in European Union with small salaries (and cheap php development prices).

3D Web Design start to develop extensions for Joomla in 2007 year as service for our customers and to selling online these extensions from 2008 Year. Developed by 3D Web Design now are over 70 extensions for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.xx - plugins, components and modules (plus about forty as outsorcing), over one hundred extensions for Joomla 1.5 (about thirty as outsorcing) and over twenty extensions for Joomla 1.0. This huge experience in php development we use to create our joomla extensions and other software.

We do not outsource, other companies use 3D Web Design for outsourcing services. Short links:
One short list with our clients (written in 2012, will be updated soon with about 300% more of our new customers);
Here is more info about custom development for developed from 3D Web Design Joomla extensions;
And here are our developed extensions for Joomla! for sale.

For all others development services and orders:

We have two types of orders: with normal and express delivery
Order can be submitted as normal or express. If you want fast joomla development (express order), price will be bigger (10% to 20%) but deadline for your joomla project will be shorter. If you want normal web development order, deadline will be longer.

How to pay money:
You can pay for development simple over Paypal - after accepting 3D Web Design offer, send money to our paypal account (paypal account email is the same - admin at our web site).

Normal order for web development for Joomla: If you choose normal order, money can be send on two times - first 50%, when extension is ready - the others 50%. If you want to test extension vefore last payment, we will give you login data to one of our test servers - you will login in joomla administration to test your Joomla extension before last payment.

Express order for web development: If your order is express, you must pre-pay 100% of money to start your order.

How to order development of Joomla extension, how to hire joomla developer?
Send 3D Web Design request with more details about your custom Joomla extension on PM in forum or on our email admin at our website or over our contact form.

Don't forget to check our partners page - here are posted coupon codes for discount for products of many other companies - joomla developers.