Random Adsense Ads in Wordpress - this mean More CTR (Click Through Rate or more clicks on your Google Ads) and more money for you from your Wordpress blogs!

But, is CTR all about positions and colors of your ads in Wordpress?

Of course NO! CTR depends upon the quality of Adsense ads, and even where are the ads! So, experts say us that best way is to place them every time on random place in content. In this way users will not recognize them as ads and will click more.

So, how to place Adsense Ads on random place in Wordpress to get higher CTR and CTO in Wordpress?

You can place random Google Adsense Ads in all Wordpress with only few clicks with plugin Seo Links Pro for Wordpress.

Plugin is paid (cost huge amonut of money - 9 USD smile.gif ) but you can use also Free version of Seo Links Pro.

After Seo Links Pro plugin install, read this guide to get Random Adsense Ads In All Wordpress for 30 seconds.

In short: Install plugin, configure comma or point as keyword, enter in html fields 2-3 different types adsense code snippets, save, ready.
Thats it!

Enjoy smile.gif