How to get random Google Adsense ads in all Wordpress with only 3-4 clicks?

To get higher CTR and the best CTO in Wordpress:

1. Install Seo links Pro for Wordpress.
2. Configure as keyword point or comma.
3. Add at least three-four different adsense code types. Code examples (Example is from version for joomla!):

Screenshot from Wordpress:

Click on "Add more variants" to configure more adsense code snippets.

4. Select "Limit" - 2 - this will insert two adsense code snippets on page.
5. Select "Occurence" - random - this will insert adsense ads every time on different place on page. If is configured comma as keyword, on every page load, random comma will be replaced with one random ad from your configured code snippets.

Ready. Now you can monetize your WP much better smile.gif

P.S. Exact function work also in Seo Links for Joomla.