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Wordpress Aggregator Pro For Joomla is seo tool for seo professionals, this is unique content generator with unlimited possibilities, tool to manage unlimited number of satellite blogs that automatically post generated unique content in unlimited number of blogs.

3D Web Design recommend Top version of this tool with automatically working article spinner inside: Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate

Where post Wordpress Aggregator? Generated from aggregator Unique content can be posted in these blog services:

Quick Links:
Post By Email In Wordpress And Blogger
Wordpress Aggregator Faq
Wordpress Aggregator Administration Demo
How To Automatically Generate Unique Content

Online purchase:
Free version to test: Wordpress Aggregator Lite
Wordpress Aggregator Pro
Top version: Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate. Description is here: functions of Ultimate version

This component is related to Joomla Aggregator Pro but content is not saved in database. Content is sent by email in HTML format to publish by email wordpress and blogger option. Similarly, content can be sent to Blogger or any related blog system or service that supports posting by email.

You can use component for email marketing also.
Simply enter rss feed, customer email and cron ( update frequency ) and that customer will be subscribed to news from this site.

Aggregator for Wordpress is component that make possible to use post by email functions of any blogger or wordpress blog. You can use Wordpress Aggregator to post in blogger or wordpress or in any other blog service that support post by email. One component can manage multiple blogs over unlimited rss feed sources.

More about post by email in Wordpress and Blogger

Working principle of Seo Optimization with our Wordpress aggregator:

Content aggregator automatically take rss feeds from unlimited number of websites, change the content that takes - seo optimize and make content unique and automatically post result in some blog. Every rss feed can be configured to post in different blog so posted content in any of these blogs are different. One copy of Aggregator work perfect with 100-300 blogs (restriction is only number of send emails in one hour of your hosting provider). Number of blogs may be higher. All this is controlled by one website with this component installed.

All on this scheme work automatic over cronjobs! For every rss feed is individual option to start by your schedule.

Wordpress Aggregator Pro For Joomla - description of functions
For every feed you should setup the following settings:

Wordpress Aggregator Pro General Functions

First thing to do is set the email on which you will receive emails and the url of rss feed.

Strip tags - This option strip html tags inside content, but will not strip backtrack link. If you plan to aggregate blogger account this option must be activated, wordpress will import in anyways.

Copy Functions:

This function will copy one rss feed and duplicate with all preferences but in unpublished status.

Wordpress Aggregator Pro - Trackback Link

Show Trackback Link - this options allows you to change the type of trackback link or gust turn it off.
Trackback Link Text - this is the text which will be shown before the backtrack link, in both plain text and html type
Add Nofollow to outgoing link - add nofollow attribute to trackback link
Target frame - The target frame for Trackback Links. The default of 'None' means links will be opened in the current window.
In a modern standards compliant and accessible world, it is considered bad form to open links in new windows.
Custom Frame - The name of a custom frame that Trackback Links should open into.
This option has no effect unless Target Frame above is set to 'Custom'.

Wordpress Aggregator Pro - Content SEO

Here you can make your content unique, by adding some text before or/and after imported text.
You can add text for title and for content, but keep in mind that in title should be plain text.

If You enter more than one text in: "before title" or "after title" - random one will be inserted in post.
If You enter more than one HTML code in: "before content" or "after content" - random one will be inserted in post.

Wordpress Aggregator Pro - Synonyms

All new functionality, which will improve your content uniqueness.
You can replace words or phrases with chosen replacements (synonyms).

You have a text area in which can define synonyms, they must be fill in the following format:


Synonyms of keyword or keyphrase must be separated with commas and you must enter ; at end

If you define more than one synonym for specific word, it will be replaced with random synonym. This give you even greater content uniqueness.

More about Synonym Functions

Wordpress Aggregator Pro - Translation functions

This unique functionality can make your site content even more unique, simply buy translating content from foreign sites over Google translate. Translation is from and to 80 languages!

Wordpress Aggregator Pro Cron functions

Of course you can automate the whole proccess, by using cron job. We recommend to set you cron to run once every day, to avoid duplicated content.

You must configure cron on two different places:
- in every rss feed in Aggregator configuration (different settings for every feed)
- in cronjob configuration in your hosting control panel (set to run every 2, every 3 or every 5 minutes)

1 Create file with name mycron.php
2 Code for php file (example for joomla aggregator pro):

$a = file_get_contents('');

3. Upload file mycron.php in your public_html
4. Create cronjob in your cpanel with command:

/usr/local/bin/php -q /relative path to host directory/public_html/mycron.php >> /dev/null

Wordpress Aggregator Pro Cache functions

Set this option to "Yes" if You want to enable feeds cache.
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Where to buy Wordpress Aggregator Pro?

We start sell Wordpress Aggregator Pro after finishing tests in next 2-3 days. Component work perfect and is tested. We test success in Google and identification of the content generated by Aggregator Pro as duplicate content by Google.

Suppose that our functionality will cause Google to change its algorithm again - soon will be a huge number of these blogs and websites and they will give high priority to Seo Optimizers that using this aggregator.

Currently I am sure that a trained Seo specialist using this Aggregator will be generate content and most parts of it is not detected as a duplicate. Even if Google ever change your algorithm and start to detect it, we will further improve aggregator and add more elements such as smarter substitution of keywords from the list of synonyms.
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Online purchase: Wordpress Aggregator Pro

1 License = $39 USD.

Demo link to the demo admin panel:

Username: demo
Password: demo123

You can see functions and test it from: Components-> Wordpress aggregator Pro.

In this demo site is installed all aggregators, seo links and mail order component.
Database of Demo site is nulled every half hour.
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New options have been implemented in WP Aggregator - random text before and after title and random html code before and after content item.

WordPress Aggregator Lite cost now is FREE.
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New option was added to WP aggregator Pro - combine posts.

If is zero, no working combine of posts.
If you enter 5 aggregator combine five posts in one and post all as one post.

Title of every post after first is added as heading 2 in format:

Title of first item in rss = title of post .

Content of first item
<h2>Title of item two in rss</h2>
content of item two
<h2>Title of item three in rss</h2>
content of item three
<h2>Title of item four in rss</h2>
content of item four
<h2>Title of item five in rss</h2>
content of item five

If in source rss feed is more than five content, they will be combined in next post.
Does the opyion Strip tags strip html tags inside content, but will not strip backtrack link? When must the option be activated?
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Цитат(viki78 @ Jul 13 2011, 01:04 PM) *
Does the opyion Strip tags strip html tags inside content, but will not strip backtrack link? When must the option be activated?

Yes, Strip tags strip all html tags in content. Trackback link is controlled from different option. In actual version Wordpress Aggregator Ultimate option look like this:

You have options:
- None - without backlink
- Plain text url
- Html with text of link url address
- Html with text of link title of imported content item
- Trackback link with redirect (if you have redirect.php file in your site)

Redirect.php is included in our Wordpress install that is configured to work with Wordpress Aggregator)
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Today price of Wordpress Aggregator Pro is changed to 39 USD (49 usd before).
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