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Web Design Seo Forum _ Joomla Extensions _ Post By Email Pro - Cron Warnings

Posted by: Brian Craigie Jan 30 2019, 03:20 PM


When I run the cron (... is my own path to the web folder)

/bin/php -q .../administrator/components/com_post_by_email/cron.post_by_email.php >> /dev/null

, I get the following warnings:

PHP Notice: Constant JROUTER_MODE_RAW already defined in .../libraries/import.php on line 60
PHP Notice: Constant JROUTER_MODE_SEF already defined in .../libraries/import.php on line 67

It would be nice to silence those warnings by fixing the php code. :-)

Posted by: Web Design Seo Jan 31 2019, 08:42 AM

Brian Craigie, there is no JROUTER_MODE_RAW and JROUTER_MODE_SEF constants in whole "Post by email" component, these constants and errors are NOT from our component. Also, there is no folder or file with name "libraries" in "Post by email" component.

Probably errors are from "libraries" folder of your version of Joomla.

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