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Posted by: 3D Web Design Jun 23 2010, 07:34 AM Platinum is powerfull extension - rss aggregator plugin for Wordpress with integrated Article Spinner and Scraper similar to our

Now plugin is open source! After purchase you can use plugin in so many wordpress blogs that you want! Price is unchanged - 19 USD. Scraper and Article Spinner upgrade are with license for one domain (you can use full version of plugin with spinner and scraper on one domain only)

This is aggregator for autoblogging in wordpress with grabber and spinner inside! Our WordPress pugin can:

- add content at start/end of every imported news
- add html code at start/end of every imported news
- save automatically tags in imported news - generated from title
- process post to make content to 100% unique - over synonym replacement function
- translate rss feeds over google translate
- download pictures from rss feed and save internal in your wordpress blog.

Options in Wordpress Aggregator Platinum and its descriptions:


List of RSS feeds we have typed. Copy, import and delete button for every Rss feed.

General options of Wordpress Aggregator Platinum

Title: Title of Your Rss Feed
Rss Feed URL: Link to Rss
Enabled: Yes or No
Category: In which Category content will be saved, can be choosen multiple categories

Force fsockopen: Yes or No
Default is No.

Publish options of Wordpress Aggregator

Publish content automatically - published or draft
Show html in content or no.
Strip html tags in title - for rss feeds like in google blogsearch use Yes.

User creator - which user will be creator of the posts
Youtube feed - if Yes, videos from youtube will be imported in html code of blog post.

Read more about this function:

Trackback link options of WP Aggregator Platinum

Enable trackback link
Put title in the link
Target _blank

Content SEO options of WP Aggregator

Before title - adds content before title
After title - adds content after title
Before item - adds content before post
After item - adds content after post

Synonyms options
Synonym replacement function, which helps Wordpress Aggregator to create unique content in your Wordpress blog.

Translate options of Wordpress Aggregator

Ability to translate imported rss feed from and to any language throught google translate.
More than 80 languages available. With functions of seo processing of content this is perfect to generate unique content in your website.

It is important to know:
Content from the Content Seo tab will be not translated and We do not guarantee quality of translated content!

Download options in Wordpress Aggregator

DOWNLOAD function. Extension can download pictures from rss feeds and pictures from external websites are saved INTERNAL, in your site with random generated filename. In every rss feed is option in which folder pictures have been saved.

Tags options in Wordpress Aggregator

Function which generates tags from post title, you have options to filter tags

Cron options

Make it possible to insert the feed you want in a day, hour, minute, month you want.
Note that you need hosting capabilities to run for Cron Jobs. Ask your hosting provider if this feature works on their servers.

How exactly works cron jobs:
1. activate Cron by control panel of your hosting to run every N minutes.
2. When activation of cron examine if the time and date of Cron configuration of the RSS is reached, if reached respective feed is imported, if not cron continues around to the next feed.
3. Sample Cron whith activation of the Cpanel:
curl -sS

If your hosting do not support curl make this steps:

5.1 Create file with name mycron.php
5.2 Code for this php file:
$a = file_get_contents('');

5.3 Upload file mycron.php in your public_html.
5.4 Create cronjob in your cpanel with command:
/usr/local/bin/php -q /relative path to host directory/public_html/mycron.php >> /dev/null

6. Set cron to run every 5 or 15 (recommended) or 30 minutes.
In Unix Style view this should be: */15 * * * *

What are the steps to have a fully automated site rss news:

1. Enter rss emissions.
3. Adjust your schedule for each RSS (in administrator of your joomla).
4. Go to your hosting control panel. Link to your cpanel on most hosting companies are:
http: // or: http: //
5. Done. Already have a fully automated blog with news from other sites. All Rss feeds fully automatically enter the site at the moment that you want.

Examples of the automatic import of scheduled sample Rss feeds:

(in administrator of your wordpress blog)
1. Import every hour. We rss 1 to enter the site automatically each hour and 5 munuti.
Command for cronjob: 5 * * * *
2. Import every hour, but only in the hours between 8 and 23 hours. rss 2 shall enter the site automatically each hour and 30 munuti but only during working hours.
Command for cronjob: 30 8-23 * * *
3. Importing in hours. We rss 3 to enter the site automatically every 2 hours and 5 munuti.
Command for cronjob: 5 * / 2 * * *
4. rss 4 - Import every evening at 21 and 50.
Command for cronjob: 50 21 * * *
5. Automatic start every first day of the month at 14:25
25 14 1 *
6. Automatic start only on weekends in 0:25
0 25 * * 1-5
7. Automatic start of importing through the day at 1:15
15 1 * / 2 *

Email Report options

Send Email Report - Whether or not you want to send a report to an email after each import run with details of the processing. This is useful for continuous "hands-free" monitoring of automated inport runs.

Admin Email Address - The email address of the administrator who should receive import reports. This can be a person assigned specifically to monitor the flow of RSS content through your site.

Email Subject - The text that should be displayed in the subject line of email reports sent to the Joomla Aggregator administrator. You can customize this to work with your email filters and rules.

HTML Email - Whether or not you want the import report sent in HTML format...Try it, the HTML email is nice and colorful, and easy to read smile.gif

Cache options

Use SimplePie Cache - Set this option to Yes if You want to enable SimplePie feeds cache.

Ignore List options

Use Ignore List - Whether or not to use the built-in ignore words list. The default ignore words list contains the 250 most common English words. Enabling the use of the ignore list can improve the quality of your meta tags by excluding common words.

Ignore List - List of ignore words, use comma as delimitter. If you enter here some keywords, these keywords will be excluded from list of imported tags in your wordpress blog.

Price is 19$
Online Purchase:

Want to try it for free? Just download and install

Posted by: 3D Web Design Jun 25 2010, 07:23 AM

One user send question:

Work our plugin with latest wordpress - version 3.0?

My answer:

Plugin is developed to work with wordpress 3.0 and is developed under WP 3.0. WP Aggregator Platinum is tested and work with wordpress 2.9.2 and latest version - wordpress 3.0.

Posted by: 3D Web Design Jul 27 2010, 08:36 AM

We release new version today - WP Aggregator Platinum 1.2.

Tag system of Wordpress Aggregator Platinum is further elaborated. We add custom tags field. In this field you can enter your custom tags to be imported inside blog posts.

All users that already have buy Aggregator will be received for free updated version. I will send him plugin by email today in next several hours.

Enjoy cool.gif

Posted by: 3D Web Design Aug 1 2010, 08:46 AM

If you want to install this wordpress plugin on multiple blogs: Price of every license of aggregator after first cost 19$.

Posted by: 3D Web Design Aug 5 2010, 03:37 PM

Today one new option is added to WP Aggregator - automatic import of videos from Youtube. All users that already buy WordPress Aggregator Platinum received for free updates to newest version.

Read more:

Posted by: 3D Web Design Oct 24 2010, 07:23 AM

Today we have changed price of plugin from 39 USD to $19. Now license for one domain for Wordpress Aggregator Platinum cost only $19.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Nov 6 2011, 08:22 AM

Now plugin is open source! After purchase you can use pligin in so many wordpress blogs that you want!

Price is unchanged - 19 USD.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Feb 10 2012, 02:47 PM

New version of plugin Platinum is released. Update have Scraper (grabber functions) and Article Spinner.

Screens from new functions:

Grabber functions:

Article Spinner:

Now free demo version is available
Free download:

Posted by: Web Design Seo Feb 27 2013, 01:09 PM

Now new version is ready: Wordpress Aggregator Platinum v 1.2.2.

This version have improved content shuffling algorithm and new options for better control and automated manipulation. The new algorithm is more precise and produced texts are more readable.

New options and settings are:

Shuffle sentences positions - Shuffle the positions of the sentences in the article.
Shuffle sentences - Shuffle the compound sentences using the given characters as a delimiter
Delimiters for sentences - Delimiters used for splitting text into sentences
Delimiters for sentence parts - Delimiters used for splitting sentence into parts
Punctuation characters - List of characters considered as punctuation and disallowed be at start or end of sentence
Minimum sentence length - Sentences shorter than n characters will be removed. Use this option for cleaning small errors like sentences only from names. Example Mr. Paul Kalkbrenner will be split to two sentences because of the dot after Mr.
Fragment shuffling - Fragment shuffling if allowed (if sentence or part of it contain more than n words and do not contain delimiters, it will be split in to phrases which will be shuffled randomly)
Shuffling long phrases - Long phrases prevention if fragment shuffling is allowed. If given text fragment is built up with less than required number words will not be affected from long phrase detection algorithm (with other words - if you want to shuffle small sentences you must set number here. )
Protected HTML tags - Comma separated list of HTML tags which to be protected when removing HTML. This gives you opportunity to keep some formatting.

P.S. is updated also with latest version with all extras.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Mar 14 2013, 02:23 PM

Today was released new version - Wordpress Aggregator Platinum v 1.2.4 which adds protection when importing duplicate content. You can import one RSS feed as many times as you want, and no matter how often you try to import it, the same post will never come to your blog twice.

The function works as follows: The option for duplicate content protection is enabled by default and is based on the url address of the publication of news which is imported. The link is saved and now aggregator knows that this news is already imported. After importin again the same feed, already imported news are skipped.

For protection flooding the database with too many records (news links that are already imported are recorded in a separate field in the table of current rss feed in the database), they have the option to be automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

More extras: when importing a Wordpress blog post from your rss feed in which this option is enabled, insert a special tag aggregator as a comment in the post. When manually delete this post imported by the administration of Wordpress, and automatically deletes the corresponding entry in the table in an RSS feed aggregator and it allows you to import relevant news again.

This function is not inside

Posted by: pavelKukov Dec 2 2013, 10:10 AM

NEW version of Wordpress Aggregator Platinum is available for download! Latest version is v.1.2.7

1. Small bug fixes
2. Two New options

New option "Unite description and content:"
With this option you can control how to be treated rss feeds that contains both - description and content.
If is activated (default) then content of the imported article will look like description <!--more--> content.
If only one description or content is presented plugin will behave in standard way.
If you decide to disable this option, then only content will be imported if both are available.

New option "Remove from title:"
This option controls which special characters to be removed from post title.
All entered characters will be removed.

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