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Web Design Seo Forum _ Wordpress aggregator for Joomla _ Automatic Import Of Wp Aggregator Pro

Posted by: 3D Web Design Aug 19 2010, 07:39 AM

This guide is Step by step configuring of WP Aggregator Pro to import automatically.

First you need to configure software to work manual.

Note that Wordpress aggregator pro & ultimate are joomla extensions, not a wordpress plugins, see here:

Step one: install joomla.
Step two: install in Joomla or or free
Step three: configure some rss feed in wordpress aggregator component inside joomla.

Wordpress aggregator post many content to many website types, to test how this work - easiest way is to post in your own wordpress blog. So, we must install and configure for example wordpress.

Step four: Install Wordpress.

Step five: Configure one email box - email, password.
Step six: Configure wordpress to work with this email box. Options are on page in wordpress admin:


Step seven: Enter in joomla admin rss feed that will be sent and where content will be posted:
Joomla Admin -> Components -> Wordpress Aggregator

Step eight: Send some content to email box from step six. Click on button Import in Joomla Admin -> Components -> Wordpress Aggregator.

After this open this page inside your wordpress blog:

Ready. Content is now imported in your blog.

Configuration of automatic import:

Step 1: Configure cpanel cron.
Open this page in cpanel and configure cronjob that activate automatic work of WordPress Aggregator Pro:

Enter here this code
curl -sS "" >> /dev/null

If your host is without working curl (like for example) make this:

Create file with name mycron.php. Code for this php file:

$a = file_get_contents('');

Upload file mycron.php in your public_html. Create cronjob in your cpanel with command:
/usr/local/bin/php -q /relative path to host directory/public_html/mycron.php >> /dev/null

Step 2: Configure cron part of every entered by you rss feed in admin of joomla.
Time of import must be on every 5 or on every 15 minutes.
Example: */5 * * * *

Step 3: Content is sent to configured by you emails. Now content must be imported in every blog.
Step 3.1: If content is send to blogger: in Blogger import of posts that have been send by email is automatic. You must see posts immediately.
Step 3.2: If content is send to in import of posts that have been send by email is automatic. You must see posts in next 5-10 minutes.
Step 3.2: If content is send to your custom Wordpress blog: in Wordpress work integrated "post by email" system but not automatic.

To import manually posts in your blog open url address:

To work import of posts automatic in your blog configure cron job like this:
curl -sS "" >> /dev/null

After this you must see immediately posts in your Wordpress blog.


1. Ping search engines over cronjob in cpanel:

curl -sS "" >> /dev/null

2. If you have our plugin that purge emails from email box, configure this cron to run 5-10 minutes after import of posts in blog:

curl -sS "" >> /dev/null

(You can get this plugin - included in this wordpress install )

Ready. Now You have full automatic rss feed aggregator that send unique content to multiple blogs.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Aug 12 2014, 06:34 AM

I forgot to update this guide sad.gif

There is no need to manual import posts from emails in Tool support Wordpress XMLRPC from 29 January 2013 smile.gif

So, you must only check in feed options XMLRPC: Enabled. All steps after Step four are not needed. Have fun smile.gif

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