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Posted by: Web Design Seo Sep 15 2014, 07:50 AM

Old domain purchase: how to check aged domain and how much does it cost? How to check domain name quality?

Aged domains can be great investment. You can find domain name with thousands of backlinks, with good history and Google Pagerank and to buy it... for 10-20 US dollars.

Why buy aged domain names?
If you want to rank other domain(s) for certain keywords.
If you want to build your own blog network on some topic (keywords).
If you want to buy for cents work for thosands dollars.

How to buy an aged domain, where to buy aged domain names?
1. Our list with hand-picked!
2. You can search and buy aged domains on these great auctions (there are many more sites, these two are the biggest two):
- GoDaddy Domain Auctions:
- Expired Domains Auctions at Dynadot:

So, how much aged domain cost?
First of all it's important to know that there's no way to know what's the domain cost! The estimation is subjective. The domain costs as much as the buyer is ready to pay for it!

This lesson - a guide for domain purchase will clarify for you what to check when you're buying domains, which are the domain's most important parameters and where there are risks, when you're buying an old domain name or when you're buying and expired domain - dropped domain.

When I want to buy an or, I usually check it a lot, just to be sure that the purchase is worth it and that I won't lose money.

What do we have to check, which are the most important parameters defining the domain's cost?

1. The domain's name. Is short and easy to remember, are there the keywords which we're interested in?
2. Google PageRank (at the moment of check), the domain's age and history. Is it indexed at the moment and is it used for bad purposes?
3. Domain's popularity.
4. SEO optimization - does the domain have link building, if so, how many, from what kinds of sites and for what keywords?
5. Domain's ranking in Google (at the moment). For which keywords is it rank and which positions is it ranked at.
6. Subjective factors. Do you like the name and how much are we ready to pay for it?

"Domain name quality checker" and "domain name popularity checker"? How do we check domains at 3D web Design?

Domain's quick check. Is it worth to check it in details?
1. The most expensive for one domain is the name factor: is the name attractive, do we even like it or not. If I don't like the name or I think that it doesn't correspond to the topic I'm looking for, I don't look at it at all. Because the detailed check of domain's all parameters takes about 30-60 minutes. And we all know that time is money.

2. The second most expensive thing of one domain is its popularity and does it make money (or can it bring us profit in the future). The popularity is due mostly the links to the domain, ie SEO optimization is crucial! And since the link building is one of the most expensive things, that's one of the most important parameter for the domain.

First of all we're checking the domains with a paid SEO tool - there you can see at a glance Google PR, if the domain is registered in Dmoz and in Yahoo directory, domain's age, backlinks and their quality - are the links strong. Market Samirai is the best tool for keyword research, to check the competition and domains' links. It's integrated with

Market Samurai is paid software, but it's the best one at the moment, therefore I highly recommend you to buy it if you're professionally interested in web, SEO optimization and domains. Instead, you can use the free software Netpeak Checker:

A good idea is to check at least two domain's URLs, with www and wthout www:

It's mandatory to take a look at Fresh indicators, and Historical:

After that I open to see if the domain has been used for bad purposes and what is its reputation. Link for quick check: (in the links below you can replace "" with the domain name you're looking at)

We see the following:
Analysis Date: 4 months ago - when was the last time the domain has been checked. You can refresh it from the button Update Report.
Safety Reputation: 0/29 - is the domain safe. The number zero means that the domain isn't present at neither one of the bad list and spam lists from the 29 lists of
Domain 1st Registered: 2007-09-03 (7 years ago) - when was the domain registered for the firtst time - you can calculate how old is it.
Server Location: (BG) Bulgaria - where's site hosted, where's the server.
Google Page Rank: 4
Alexa Traffic Rank: 135,572

By clicking every of the 29 links in Safety Scan, the corresponding site will open, where you'll be able to see details. If the domain doesn't lit in red in neither of them (0/29), there's no point to open them one by one.

2. Check is the domain is indexed in Google and what's the number of indexed pages: The link is:

2.1 If the domain is old, but it's NOT indexed, its purchese is too risky, because Google usually undo the indexing of domains with gross violations of their rights. Keep in mind that it's still possible that the domain to be safe, but not to be indexed at the moment - it happens with domains, which haven't been active for a long time.

2.2 It's a good idea to check also does the domain rank at pirst place in Google for its own name:

2.3 And also the information about it:

If there you see another domain, that means that the domain has been redirected (redirect 301) to the other and it's possible its PageRank to be unreal.

2.4 Domain;s history, for what has it been used in the past (use can even its old texts and pages and to upload them again), you check that with Example:

2.5 Google PageRank check:
Google PageRank is a good indicator for the domain's quality, was it popular, are there links to it. You can check the domain's PageRank with tools, such as or to check the domain's reputations, usually I use (Website Reputation) -

3. Popularity check. You can check the domain's popularity:

3.1 Check at Alexa (it's shown at the, so you don't have to open Alexa at all, unless you're interested in the detailed statistics by countries there).
The link to site's information at Alexa looks like that:

3.2 Domain's Google results check:

If there're lots of shares of the domain's name at other sites, that's an indicator that this name is popular.

4. SEO optimization check, of links pointing to your domain at

Don't forget to check the Fresh indicators along with Historic Index:

Also page called Pages to find the domain's strongest pages in the past:

5. What profit can brings us the domain purchase?

5.1 For what keywords is the domaind ranked, from where is its trafic? To check the keywords for what the domain is ranked at the moment, use SemRush ( For Bulgarian and Russian sites use

You can use this URL to check for what is ranked the site in

The URL for English sites is at Example:

5.2. Can we upload ads to this domain after we've bought it and to upload content? You can check it with a Free tool for

So, now you know how to check domains and what to draw attention, go for it!
We hope that this guide for Domain purchase, and the steps what and how to check, will be useful!

The 3D Web Design team smile.gif

Useful links:

Great and CHEAP Premium domains to buy: Over 170,,, - infographics and prices.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Aug 22 2018, 06:44 AM

New FREE tool for domainers: You can check big lists with domain names (dropped domains, expired domains) with this tool. Insert list with domains and tool will show you for how many keywords every domain is ranked in Google. All of this with single click.

Important: Tool check over Serpstat, so you need to have Serpstat API key (you must have paid account in Serpstat).

Posted by: elpak Sep 9 2018, 02:31 PM

QUOTE (Web Design Seo @ Aug 22 2018, 09:44 AM) *
New FREE tool for domainers: You can check big lists with domain names (dropped domains, expired domains) with this tool. Insert list with domains and tool will show you for how many keywords every domain is ranked in Google. All of this with single click.

Important: Tool check over Serpstat, so you need to have Serpstat API key (you must have paid account in Serpstat).

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Posted by: Web Design Seo Sep 10 2018, 06:22 AM

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