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Web Design Seo Forum _ Wordpress _ Free: Wordpress Aggregator Plugin With Scraper And Article Spinner

Posted by: Web Design Seo Jan 15 2013, 08:30 AM

Available for free for download: wordpress content spinner - best Wordpress Aggregator plugin with Article Spinner and Scraper: ( )

You can download and use for free paid version of Wordpress Aggregator Platinum for Wordpress.

This version is not limited in time and not limited by domain, you can use it on many wordpress blogs! Trial is full functional version of with all functions to test! The only difference is that trial version post link to 3D Web Design website in selected posts from time to time.

This version require free ioncube loader. If you get blank screen on plugin page in admin, you may need to

How to install? Just install zip file from WP installer and start to post automatically rewritten posts from rss feeds in Wordpress.

Our TOS for trial version: No support.

Posted by: pavelKukov Feb 25 2013, 11:16 AM

Demo version is updated with latest version with all extras. Enjoy smile.gif

New functions:

Now Wordpress Aggregator Platinum v 1.2.2 for Wordpress have improved content shuffling algorithm and new options for better control and automated manipulation. The new algorithm is more precise and produced texts are more readable.

New options and settings are:

Shuffle sentences positions - Shuffle the positions of the sentences in the article.
Shuffle sentences - Shuffle the compound sentences using the given characters as a delimiter
Delimiters for sentences - Delimiters used for splitting text into sentences
Delimiters for sentence parts - Delimiters used for splitting sentence into parts
Punctuation characters - List of characters considered as punctuation and disallowed be at start or end of sentence
Minimum sentence length - Sentences shorter than n characters will be removed. Use this option for cleaning small errors like sentences only from names. Example Mr. Paul Kalkbrenner will be split to two sentences because of the dot after Mr.
Fragment shuffling - Fragment shuffling if allowed (if sentence or part of it contain more than n words and do not contain delimiters, it will be split in to phrases which will be shuffled randomly)
Shuffling long phrases - Long phrases prevention if fragment shuffling is allowed. If given text fragment is built up with less than required number words will not be affected from long phrase detection algorithm (with other words - if you want to shuffle small sentences you must set number here. )
Protected HTML tags - Comma separated list of HTML tags which to be protected when removing HTML. This gives you opportunity to keep some formatting.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Feb 27 2013, 01:20 PM

If you upload plugin files over ftp, plugin must be in separate folder. Look must be like this in screenshot.

Posted by: marko33 Aug 2 2013, 04:04 PM


I use this wordpress aggregator plugin,and it is great,it has so many features, and works out of the box, but there is just one problem...It duplicates posts...
So, cron is set to run every 15 minutes and it keeps importing same posts over and over again.It duplicates if I use manual import option as well.
I think it has something to do with caching but I'm not sure.
There is nothing else installed it this test worpress 3.5 installation except your plugin.
If it is not possible to get this to work with this wordpress version, then can you please tell me which wordpress installation should I use?Is there something else I should install except your plugin? Missing something else?

I know you have limited or no support for trial version and I decided to go with this plugin and buy it because it is definitely the most powerful I have found, and I will need your support,but I must know If I can get this to work as described.

wordpress 3.5.0
wp-aggregator version from this page

Thanks in advance.


Popovic Marko

Posted by: Web Design Seo Aug 6 2013, 06:29 AM

Duplicate content protection function is not inside trial version:

Trial will be updated after our vacation, at end of August.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Jan 10 2014, 02:28 PM

We have found security bug in old trial version and this free version was deleted from our website before 1-2 months.

If you use older version of trial, update it immediately to latest version!

Now Wordpress Aggregator Plugin trial is fixed, and you can download it from today from the same link:

File name of zip is the same, only general.php file is changed.

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