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Posted by: Web Design Seo Feb 3 2012, 11:20 AM

The ways of work with

Seo Articles Network is a Joomla component which manages private blog networks. Every people and also Seo companies have their own website network to post links for link building. With Seo Articles Network (SAN ) every man can create a control center to post articles to your own websites from one place.

Work smarter, not harder.

Any smart human knows how important it is to eliminate weaknesses in the work they do often. If you reduce the amount of labor you put in any work you do on daily basis for five to ten times with 50%, you will be saving huge amounts of time and money every month!

If you are SEO or copywriter or just have a lot of web sites and number of your sites is more than five or six site, our feature will save you huge amounts of work for copywriting and posting. With SEO Articles Network you can just posting quickly in your sites or make money by offering paid service for posting articles on your site. If you want, you can earn money and to sale paid submission services in your sites - people will pay you to post articles in your sites.

You can do both - in some groups of sites can be allowed to post only from you and other groups can be publicly available for a fee

You can earn money with Seo Articles Network in three different ways.

Way one: Blog Network Control Center

1. There is no need to sell seo submission services if you don't want to, just control your own blog networks. Yes, you can control more than one blog network, the component is able of controlling many blog networks. You can create lists with blog networks, for example "SEO and Marketing", "Finance", "Business", etc.

2. Then you can post three different types of Articles: plain text, text with HTML code or "text with HTML code in SPIN format" {keyword|synonym1|synonym2}.

3. If you want, just copy some article from somewhere and post it in tool unchanged. Seo Articles Network will change article automatically to make it unique and will post in every blog unique copy. You can control where in site article will be posted, in which category.

4. You can post also four different copies of article in one site, but in four different categories.

5. In this way you will get to 50 unique articles from one 300 words article - rewritten and posted in 50 different blogs. Without work, with only one click.

6. If article is about 500 words and you add more blogs to tool, you will get to 150 unique articles - rewritten and posted in 150 different blogs. Again with single click.

7. To work all of this, you may need only two things: 150 wordpress blogs (or joomla sites) installed on 150 different domains and only one copy of Seo Articles Network.

8. There is no restriction: number of managed domains can be 1500, 10000 or 100000.

9. With Seo Articles Network you can control blogs of type: Wordpress, microblogs, Joomla, Typepad and Blogger.

You can post in every blog type or CMS that have post by email functions. Best results are achived with joomla and wordpress. With every purchase you will receive for FREE WP plugin to unlock more functions in wordpress and Joomla component to control every parameter of posted content.

Way two: Submission Service with price for each submitted Article

1. You can earn money with price for submit of one article in many sites of your network. Non-registered users will submit articles and will pay directly after submit.

2. If customer pay for article, article will be published in your sites. If not, will be deleted automatically after some period. Seo Articles Network have built-in Paypal and SMS Payment functions.

3. Artcle can be published automaticlally after payment or after your approval - due on your configuration in admin.
If is allowed for current network, article will be posted in one random site in network or in many blogs. Seo Articles Network will change automatically article to make it unique and will post in every website unique copy of article.

4. If user post well formatted article in spin format will get great result and 100% human readable and unique content.

It is important to know that the quality of the texts of articles depends on the quality of your databases of synonyms for the specific language. We provide you with a tool four large databases of synonyms in Bulgarian, English and Russian, but if you make one synonymous specialized database for each topic, you will achieve a higher quality of the texts that are posted by Seo Articles Network.

Way three: Submission Services with monthly price and paid plans

Yes, you can build a user community and earn a big deal of cash by selling subscription plans, if you have a large number of sites. Seo Articles Network has all the features offered by the biggest similar communities in the world like, ( ), Linxboss and Blog Blueprint plus 10-12 more finctions.

These networks of paid blogs sell the publishing of articles in them and earn huge amounts of money every month. Each of these networks consists of 1000 to 3000 sites and has over a thousand subscribers at any time! Imagine how much money are involved, given that the cheapest subscription plan on these networks costs $59 USD per month!

This fact was recognized by many prestigious international sites as the most modern way of doing SEO services in '2011!

Do you want to enter this fast growing market and bite a piece of this market by simply making your sites earn money for you?

You do not need to reinvent the hot water:
Seo Articles Network actually has all the features of these large blog networks, plus a few dozen! When designing the tool I subscribed to the two of largest networks and explored the way they work, marking both their strengths and weaknesses.

What is different in our tool?
When creating Seo Articles Network we took the best ideas from this type of sites and removed their shortcomings. Unlike the other networks, our component is capable of working with anonymous users as well as with subscription holders.

You can operate even on small markets such as the Bulgarian one by charging your users for the publishing of an SEO article (on a per article basis) instead of just selling subscription plans, thus making your network accessible by a much wider range of people.

1. Biggest blog networks have major weakness: she can not operate with submit of one article, they work only with subscription plans. You can work with Seo Articles Network even in small markets such as the Bulgarian with service and price for publishing of one article . In this way everyone can afford your service.

2. Biggest blog networks dont have features for automatically uniqueness of the texts. You have great opportunities built into our seo tool.

3. The biggest networks dont have features to publish an article in many sites with one click. Each article is published in sites after aproval, by hand, a site by site. This is a very laborious and expensive! You have wonderful opportunities to publish in many of your sites at once embedded in Seo Articles Network.

2. Biggest blog networks dont have features to add an unlimited number of user groups and to create an unlimited number of payments for each type of user group. In Seo Articles Network, you can create an unlimited number of groups and payments associated with groups and at any time to change their settings.

Yes, you can buld huge community with many users and receve more money every month. Seo Articles Network have all functions to build huge blog network community like (from this link you will receive 50 free oneway backlinks to test this service), Linxboss, or Blog Blueprint. These blog networks work in exact this way.

1. You can earn money for Membership paid plans access. You can create in Seo Articles Network unlimited types of Membership groups with many parameters. You can limit membership groups by three parameters: number of domains, number of posts per day and monthly limit. These functions work in exact way in all big blog networks.

2. How these functions work? Customer pay and join some of paid plans. After this user can create unlimited projects in your account.
When user reach limit of current member plan, posts will stay in history with status "pending". If user pay again for next month, these posts will be posted to one or to many blogs (due on your settings for current category).

3. Artcles can be published automaticlally after payment or after your approval - due on your configuration in admin. Every category have separate settings.

4. SeoArticles Network have Paypal and SMS Payments built-in. Users can join some user group and pay with sms or paypal payment for this access. After successful payment, user access is activated automatically.

5. If users pay again, to his profile is added automatically again the number of days, ie the period of his subscription is extended.

6. You can publish unlimited number of payments type. You can publish three or more user groups (for example with three different posting restrictions by number of posts, number of domains and daily limit) and than just create these payments, for example:
- sms payment with price 4 euro for one week access to standart group
- paypal payment with price 10 euro for one month access to standart group
- paypal payment with price 50 euro for one year access to standart group

- sms payment with price 8 euro for one week access to Pro group
- paypal payment with price 20 euro for one month access to Pro group
- paypal payment with price 100 euro for one year access to Pro group

7. If is allowed in current category, articles will be posted in one random website in network or in many websites.

8. Seo Articles Network will change automatically articles to make it unique and will post in every website unique copy of this article.
If user post well formatted article in spin format will get great result and 100% unique content, human readable.

Make your sites to earn money for you!

Want to buy cheaper version? Reduced package of Seo Articles Network for Joomla! cost only 98 USD!

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