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Posted by: Web Design Seo Aug 15 2014, 06:25 AM

Quality Local Seo Service - Registration in High PR local directories for local SEO.

3D Web Design company offers SEO Service Registration in 100 English local directories on price 200 usd for one website. This price includes copywriting - is included writing of at least 50 different text descriptions and at least 20 different text titles for listings.

This service is ONLY for sites on English language! Best results are achieved for USA and UK websites. Note that not all sites are local directories, about 10-20% of sites are other type. But these sites are with PR 9 to 6 and are great to receive strong backlinks.

What are the local directories?
Local directories are websites which catalogs companies or sites based on country and location.

Who are the most powerful local directories?
The strongest such directories are,,,,, and others. Some of these sites are very old and strong, there are websites with Google PageRank 8 to 5, so their impact is very strong.

Why are so important links from trusted sites with ULTRA HIGH PR?
Google Alghorithm in 2014 rank top not sites mith many backlins, Google rank at top websites with ONLY trusted links, from old, qulity sites with high PageRank.

You can see more about trusted link profile signals on picture:
(picture is from latest MajesticSeo presentation - Dixon Jones on SMX Paris, 16-17 June 2014)

Picture show us that links from sites with higher autority (Autorative content) are one of the best trusted signals for your website link profile.

How can help me these local directories?
If you need:
- Local ranking (ranking in local search = ranking for a keyword in combination with the name of the city or village, such as "carpet cleaning in London").
- Ranking for keyword in combination with country name (eg "carpet cleaning in England" or "cleaning in UK" or "local seo for USA").
- Rankings in Google Maps.

Examples for Google search for similar keywords and local results:

Besides the normal links can help many links from the local directories such as publications without even link them with a simple citation of the site address and phone help you much about the higher your ranking for those terms. These registrations we offer are with a link to your site, that they will increase the ranking of your website, not only in local search "some keyword in some city" and "some keyword in some country" ("keyword in ... city ​​name "and" keyword in ... country name "), and in the normal search - only keyword.

Why register in local directories?
Without such a service simply can not qualify in local search in the English speaking internet or even fail, you will be very difficult. Just because all top ranked websites in in your niche are already registered in these HIGH PR sites.

Do you have examples for results achieved by 3D Web Design with this service?
We have complete many successful campaigns. With this service we have achieved many results like this:

(lawyer services - "Seriour injuries in Manchester"):

And this (cleaning services - "cleaning in London"):

and also those: (plastic and cosmetic surgery services - "neck lift in London"):

And the same site, two months after:

And after two weeks:

If you want to see other examples of the results, come in our office and we will show you over 40 examples like this - we record rankings of all websites before and after our link building campaigns.

Ok, I want to order your company services. What I should send you to start a registrations in these directories, what information we need?

You must send us the following information:
Title of Your Listing: 50-60 title characters, for example. Based on it, we will write about 20 different titles and will run on any site different title.
Site Description: up to 250 characters for example description. Based on it, we will write 50 different descriptions, and will run on any site other text.
Domain: eg (accepts only the address of the home page).
Google Places URL: url address of your website in Google Plus
Business Owner Name:
Full Business Name:
Business Address:
State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code:
Phone Number (including area code): +359 898 615 736

What will I receive after payment and what are the implementation times?
After the service is completed, you will receive a full Report in the form of a excel table with all registrations and a list of sites and your profiles data - username and password for every website. Implementation period is usually 7 to 15 days.

What types of sites you accept for this service?
We accept for registration in local directories only quality sites, only on good topics. Your site must be already indexed by Google and must be in English or at least must have English version.

To order, please note that you must send us the information for your site:
Keywords: what will be trying to rank your site in Google.
Link: link to the home page.
Google Places URL: link to your Google Plus.
Title: title of your advert (you send one, we will write other).
Business Owner Name:
Full Business Name:
Business Address:
State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code:
Phone Number (including area code):
Description: a description of your business, up to 250 characters (you send one, we will write other).

A brief breakdown of Google PageRank of sites for this SEO service:

PR - Number of sites:
PR 9 - 1 site.
PR 8 - 1 site.
PR 7 - 6 sites.
PR 6 - 8 sites.
PR 5 - 15 sites.
PR 4 - 38 websites.

PR 3 - 22 sites.
PR 2 - 20 sites.
Total: 110 sites with high PageRank.

As recent links from similar High PR sites have super strong links performance, this service can be used:
  • To lift the Google Page Rank
  • To lifting trust rank & authority of your site.
  • To return on positions punished from Google Penguin websites.

Service will give you best results for local rankings - keyword plus name of city or country name (example: "cleaning in Australia" or "lawyer Sydney"). But our service can be used also for most typically link building - just to build quality links to your website. Because not all of websites are directories - about 30-40% of web sites are other types.

Can be ordered and 50% of the package, ie, you can order the publication of your site in only 50 top sites - only the sites with the highest PR. The price for registration in TOP 50 sites is 120 usd.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Aug 15 2014, 06:28 AM

Note: 3D Web Design team is on summer vacation to 4-th September 2014! Service will be available to order only after end of our vacation!

Posted by: seolondon Sep 3 2014, 10:55 AM

Is it possible to post here some results? If not possible to post results from some clients campaign, could you post your own company results, results of your website before/after submitting in these high pagerank websites?

Posted by: Web Design Seo Sep 3 2014, 12:53 PM

@seolondon: yes, of cross. I just gater some stats from our company local seo services for you.

We submit your own site in these high PR sites before a month (not home page, is submitted url of english version: ). Now, about 25 days after, I can post here some results from MajesticSeo.

Results before Local SEO in local directories:

Citation and Trust parameters of domain before local seo service (07-08-2014):

Domain Trust: 22.
Topical Trust Flow: category "Computers-Internet-Web Design and Development": 12

Citation and Trust parameters of url before registrations in local directories (07-08-2014):

URL Trust: 16.

Results after registration in local directories for Local SEO:
(stats are from today, 3-rd September 2014. You can check them in MajesticSeo)

Citation and Trust parameters of domain after local registrations (03-09-2014):

Domain Trust: 36!
Topical Trust Flow: "Computers-Internet-Web Design and Development" category: 36!

Trust and Citation parameters of url address after registrations (03-09-2014):

URL Trust: 30! Topical Trust Flow: Computers - Internet - Web Design and Development: 30!

Trust parameter of home page after Local SEO (03-09-2014):

URL Trust: 43! Topical Trust Flow: "Computers - Internet - WebDesign and Development" category: 43!

I can see for now for our own website (at least) two positive things:
1. These sites-directories have great potential to increase website trust.
2. Sites are with very HIGH PR! This mean also that internal pages from these sites are ranked very well in Google. So, pages of your local listings inside current site is also ranked well in Google - from there visitors come to your website. And there (don't forget) except your url are also your address and phone.

Posted by: seolondon Sep 3 2014, 01:01 PM

Thank you very much, very good search optimization results! You have PM.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Sep 9 2014, 06:48 AM

After one week, results of submitted url and trust of root domain are increased again. Latest results are:

Domain Trust: 39! Topical trust of Web Design and Development category: 38.
URL Trust ( 32! Category "Web Design and Development": 32.
Home Page Trust ( 43. Citation: 41. Web Design and Development trust: 43.

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