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Posted by: omoj Oct 14 2014, 03:24 AM

I am interested in this extension but have some question(s) about your licensing model.

If I purchase a new license, it states that I have four download with the subscription. So if you release four bug fixes within a week, and I download everytime to fix the bug in your software in order for the extension to work well on my site, are you saying, my available download will be used up just for a buggy software or are bug fixes free and not counted against your download limit? Please clarify.

Also, any reason why the business/subscription model is totally different from other typical Joomla subscriptions where developers charge fixed fees for a certain number of months and or a year so customers know that they are guaranteed downloads for the duration of the subscription period instead of the current model which has download limits and to me does not seem customer-friendly? With this current model, I see a customer potentially spending hundreds of dollars by the end of year one if he/she keep downloading updates that fixes a bug and not necessarily add new functionalities to the extension?

Please don't get me wrong, I understand the amount of development hours put into this to make the extension running, and I am sure a whole of people including myself are willing to pay a higher but reasonable annual fee for subscription with unlimited downloads for the duration of the year, that way you know upfront what your financial commitment is for the year instead of this unpredictable format where you cant really say how much you will spend by the time the year is over unless you stop downloading updates that are sometimes critical to the successful usage of the extension.


Posted by: Web Design Seo Oct 14 2014, 07:44 AM

We are first developer of such a components - first old version with name com_3daggregator was developed in 2007 Year for Joomla 1.0. In 2007 Year only we had working advanced aggregator.

But now in this small niche are so many "developers". In years are stollen from other companies: our functions - two times (100% copy-paste) and our ideas - many-many times (i really don't count them).

File with main functions is encoded only to not stole our code. Because GPL license is wrong and permit theft of intelectual property - every user can make copy and to fork every extension (to rename component and to re-sale as your work).

Posted by: omoj Oct 14 2014, 03:37 PM

Ok, looks like you did not understand my point.

I am not saying that you should not encode your extension. All I am saying is that why are customers not allowed to subscribe for annual subscription so we get to download updates for the duration of that year we have active subscription instead of having only 4 downloads per subscription before you have to keep paying over and over again every time you release new updates.

So for example, if I buy a license today and you release 4 bug fixes within the next two days, I will have ended up using all my available downloads in just 2 days...that is what I am challenging as a prospective customer.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Oct 15 2014, 06:06 AM

For us bug fixes are not new versions. And we do not recommend to update all the time. Every of our extensions have history log - you can read it and to download/request only version you need.

So, one example: you find bug in some of extensions (no matter with gpl license or with other license like scraper) - you will receive new version on your email manual, without to count as download. You will receive it from me personal.

Example two for extensions with gpl license: most of bugs are posted directly in extension's documentation topic (with link from history log) as guide (find in file x line y with code..., change it to ....). So, every user can read how to change extension yourself, without downloads.

And this is not especially for you - this is our way of work from years, for all of our customers.

Eduard Dimitrov, 3D Web Design CEO and one of organizers of Joomla Days in Bulgaria.

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