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Posted by: Web Design Seo Feb 24 2014, 03:34 PM

How to earn money from Joomla Scraper affiliate?

You need more money? If yes, our reseller program is for you. Do you want to earn affiliate commisions 60% to 80% from price? Let's start...

This is not standart affiliate program with comissions. This is more like reseller program. We don't count visits from affiliate sites and we don't need links to our website (Joomla Scraper extension is already best aggregator in the world). We need just more sales.

So, how to re-sale Joomla Scraper to my clients and to earn 29 to 34 usd per each item sold?

1.How this work?

Joomla Scraper cost 39 USD for one domain license. Extension work only on licensed domains. Any next license (one domain added to license) cost 10 USD. After license number 9, licenses cost 5 USD.

2. Buy one Joomla Scraper copy.
3. Start promoting our component, just write some article in your site or blog and describe extension at any price you wish (we recommend you price between 30 and 39 usd). In this way you will start to re-sale component to your site readers.
4. When you receive order from one of your clients, send us order for one more new license.
5. You will pay us ONLY TEN usd for one more license and you will earn 29 usd for any sold license. So, the change is for you and this is 29 usd, about 70-80% of price!
6. When you reach the TEN licenses milestone, your price will be 5 usd for any next license and you will start to earn 34 USD for each item.

This is 34 USD AFFILIATE COMISSION per each item - about 80% of Joomla Scraper end price!

If you have more questions about our affiliate program, just or

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