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Posted by: 3D Web Design Mar 8 2010, 02:09 PM

Import of selected news by Keywords from Aggregator.

This guide is for older versions of our Aggregators only! Latest versions of and have built-in options limit and keyword filter.

Each user who have aggregator functionality has to ask one of these questions:

How to aggregate only selected content?
How your news aggregator to take only a certain topic?
How do news aggregation that contain only our keyword?
How to win the Bulgarian Seo competition - Ipotpal? smile.gif

The idea is to build a web site and automatically insert to it only a certain news topic, or to import through aggregator ONLY news that contain your keyword.

To do this is at least three ways. For example, we'll give you sources for keyword IPOTPAL - the word for which is currently trying to qualify a large number of participants in Bulgarian IPOTPAL Seo competition.

Yahoo pipes is a great tool, is free and works flawlessly. Therefore, we dont included a function for aggregation and pooling and filtering in our aggregators. Which is necessary for this - better is to use Yahoo pipes.

Why to use yahoo pipes, why we dont implemented this function in our Aggregators?

Yahoo pipes its free
yahoo pipes can filter, collect many rss feeds and much more.
Yahoo pipes does not load your server!

Aggregation by keyword

1. Aggregation by keyword in Google Blogsearch.

You Know that you can search for some keyword on Google Blogsearch. When this demand is generated and RSS feeds can get this feed and import it in your web site by aggregator.

IPOTPAL example:

It is to click on: Published in:Last day Search:: Blogs in Bulgarian (place here your language).
Then run import of this RSS feed once a day, the best around 23.50-23.59 hours.

RSS will be like this:

2. Aggregation by keyword from RSS feed generated by Yahoo Pipes.

The idea is to aggregate the news from that meeting your keyword from many sources. For this purpose we use the instrument of Yahoo - Yahoo Pipes.

2.1 Create a new RSS feed that integrates RSS emissions of some sites and then filtered and extracted ONLY news that meets our keyword IPOTPAL (includes IPOTPAL and in Latin, I believe that she likes you). The source we use Bulgarian social networks erupt when a large number ipotpal spam.

2.2 We turn to pre-screen filter duplicate address URL is news, since many users post new social in all or at least a few. Not appropriate filter to be heading in the article as most consumers understand SEO by placing them each with a different title in social sites but we outsmarted them naturally smile.gif

2.3 Then arrange RSS news feed withdrawal date and the end result or N number of results.
Done. All content to be published in a theme sotsialkite IPOTPAL and IPOTPAL already ours. You only need to have a professional working aggregator to import it regularly and soon our site will be full of content on this topic. Shortly afterwards, your site will begin to lift heavily in search engine results for that keyword.

Ok, will say, but this guide will read it many customers and many people will use these RSS feeds - many sites will show the same content. How to rank higher over other web sites?

And another important issue that may ask yourself:
Right in one case we take news from Google Blog Search, then google will know that great content that is not ours, but is taken from a site X and will not rank well (it will crash into supplemental results).

Yes, this is so. But what happens if we take content from Google Blogsearch and change it? Read below how to do it.

How can you rank better in search engines:

1. You must have Aggregator with excellent opportunities to save large amounts of work. Capabilities of our development which currently has no analogue in the world can be The product is here:
2. Aggregator you should be able to alter the content and add uniqueness. Our aggregator has all possible options - in the title, in the keywords and in imported content of any news. Rules that you can set for each RSS feed.

3. Generate unique content duplication, valuable tips on how to do it

4. Take content from as many sources and make sure your site is:
- As much news in the subject of the keyword that interests you
- As can a little repetitive of other sites or watch your news site to be first to publish them.

For the latter, you will need the RSS feed on your site and it should come automatically imported news. Then in Crown Ping your RSS Feed, than Google bot comes and remember that you are the original.

It is not enough to insert the news very often to your site, search engines need to understand this fast.

Remember, there are four steps:
- Take content
- Import it into your site (possibly changed, but not in its original form)
- Insert the imported content in RSS feed
- search engine to index it quickly!

Why we Ping RSS feed, and not site map? It has been shown by me and other seo specialists so that the content is indexed as quickly as possible. And we want to first, right? smile.gif

Posted by: 3D Web Design Mar 8 2010, 02:10 PM

Here is RSS - use source of social networks. Drop it into your aggregator to take him all the news from Bulgarian social networks that include the words and ipotpal ipotpal.

Let her be imported every 2-3 hours, but if you notice that some news come twice to your site, increase the time between two imported, say four hours.

Pipe is here: Yahoo's system will allow you to edit it because it is my property, but you can click the button CLONE and then modify it according to their needs.

This RSS will not be paused or three ipotpal during the SEO competition, feel free to use it until you find useful. If anyone know Bulgarian or other social networks that often publish ipotpal news topic, let me post the link here, I add the site in rss feed.

Same principle can be used for automatic creation of site specific keywords to be alone and automatically filled with news on tourism, furniture, web design, properties, seo, hotels, finance, loans or whatever you think of high competitive keyword.

Posted by: Web Design Seo Sep 7 2015, 10:46 AM

Цитат You can do functions like "Aggregate By Keyword" and "Limit Number Of Items in RSS" only with top versions of aggregators like our extensions Wordpress aggregator Ultimate and Joomla scraper.

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