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Posted by: Web Design Seo Mar 19 2015, 10:51 AM

Problems with your site usability on mobile devices?
"User experience" and mobile usability issues on mobile devices. Are you recieved messages in Google Webmaster tools (GWT) about mobile usability and poor "User experience"?

If your website already have a mobile version, you should just ignore them!

Google Mobile Armageddon = Mobilegeddon

Google Mobile algorithm update will start on 21-st April, 2015. As result. web sites without mobile version and sites with poor mobile usability will be ranked lower in Google.

Although our website has an some (old) mobile version, we also recieved a warning which says that "there are problems with the User experience and usability for mobile devices". During our inspectation, it turned out that the Google warning is a complete nonsense. The screenshot shows that the mobile version (although it's not responsive desing), is OK for Googlebot.

The problem: Size tap targets appropriately - two links were close to one another!

Some of the links/buttons on your webpage may be too small for a user to easily tap on a touchscreen. Consider making these tap targets larger to provide a better user experience.

During our inspectation, we've discovered that even websites with latest generation mobile version (responsive desing), also "have problems". On the screenshot below can be clearly seen that the so called "Problems" are actually in the code for social buttons, such as Share and Like, and also guess where - in ads from Google smile.gif

The snippet is with ads from Google Adsense on this website! And this is responsive Adsense snippet!
No comment... smile.gif

Are the "Problems" with the usability for mobile devices are a real problem for your website's ranking?

1. The problems with the usability for mobile devices still are Not a factor at SERP, at least not for medium and high frequency searches. We monitor weekly about 70 websites - we are talking about 200-300 keywords (approximately 5-6 keywords per website) and till now there aren't any changes.

There are no changes nor on websites with such warning, nor on websites without.

2. For how long the Problems with the usability won't affect the ranking?

21-st April 2015 is the official start date of the new algorithm. We suppose that the websites which don't have a mobile version at all, will have at least a couple of months after this moment (after 21.04.2015) to make the necessary amendments. Of course, it's not possible for billions of websites to make the adjustment right away and Google knows it.

3. How does Google decide which websites to lower in ranking?

Probably the lower ranking will be for websites with serious problems with the mobile version, and not for all of them. The examples above you can see that Google shows problems for almost all of the websites, even for those with responsive design!

3.1. First scenario: Most likely the ranking will be decrease only for websites with value "User Experience" under certain units.
3.2. Second scanario: The websites' ranking decreasing might be dynamic, based on their value "User Experience".

My prediction for 2015 Year about mobile usability:

Posted by: Web Design Seo Apr 10 2015, 09:59 AM

If you want fast and cheap, but temporary solution (to make your site little more mobile friendly) after 14-th April. At cost only 20-30 euro we can do for you fast changes to incerase your points of Google mobile friendly test.

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