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Posted by: 3D Web Design Dec 2 2010, 12:01 PM

How to limit number of items in rss feed when using aggregator?
How to create one rss feed from many feeds when using aggregator (union feed)?
How to Aggregate By Keyword with aggregator (Aggregation By Keyword)?

This guide is for older versions of our Aggregators only! Latest versions of and have built-in options to limit number of imported items and filter by keyword.

Joomla scraper limit by number or filter by keyword function is on screen:

All answers of this questions are simple: with Yahoo pipes. We dont develop some features in aggregators because with these features your server become high load.

All these features are working in free tool named Yahoo pipes and most important - using of any feature dont load your server. In this way you can:

- limit number of items in feed
- create one rss fedd from many deeds
- filter by date, by keyword (Aggregate By Keyword) and many more.

Some examples:

If your rss feeds are with many content items inside, use yahoo pipes to filter number of items.

I post example of this type of pipe here:

You must have yahoo account to use this service. Click on button "CLONE" - this will create your copy of this pipe, than click on "Edit Source" and edit your preferences.

And here is and

Posted by: Web Design Seo Sep 7 2015, 10:48 AM

Цитат You can do functions like "Limit Number Of Items in RSS" and "Aggregate By Keyword" only with top versions of aggregators like 3D Web Design extensions "Wordpress aggregator Ultimate" and "Joomla scraper".

All versions are here:

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